Aquaponic design

This year I went to Walmart and got a tank made of recycle type 1 plastic and modified it to be used for aquaponics the bottom tank is about 2 deep ft by 4 long by 2 wide ft ft the top tank is about 8 in deep and 4 ft long and 2 ft wide and I have a bell siphon and an undergravel filter for 40 gallons with an outside tank hanging filter rated for 60 gallons 2 inches of gravel in the bottom tank the top tank is filled with ceramic pebbles and I supplement the tank with floranova brand one part hydroponic formula using my own determined dosage it's extremely lower than the on label dosage I will be placing six plants into the top tank as soon as bacterial balance has been achieved it achieves a flush cycle approximately once every 15-30 minutes and I had to modify my brand of hang outside tank filter to achieve greater lift and it is located in the center of the top tank I still need to acquire a 200 w submersible preset tank heater and a protein skimmer I have a 4-ft incandescent plant light 4 ft above the t