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    Eradicating Flat Worms

    Eradicating Flat Worms Episode 1 : These videos are a little old, and I am not quite sure why I didn't share these on here a while ago. Alas, enjoy. As it almost always starts, I am very confident I picked up flat worms on a frag from a local reefer. Even after...
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    Waste water into usable energy?

    Right, I got that part. You need other components like copper and zinc, but the constant changing of the salt is something we are throwing away anyway.
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    Waste water into usable energy?

    I know this is a long shot, but has anyone ever taken this idea and used it? Some are just dumping the used water after a water change into the drain anyway, might as well put it use? * Charge batteries to use in case of a power outage? * Power low wattage lights in the house? * Run a bunch...
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    6 Bulb T5 Combo - Best Color / Growth

    3 blue plus and 3 coral plus here. Love the color and growth.
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    What is your emergency power outage plan?

    Easy. 2 500 watt solar panels, inverter, and once power goes out I flip a switch downstairs at my fuse box and it powers all of my aquarium equipment for roughly 10 days or so. I have 4 optima deep cycle batteries. All of the lights in my house are led, and I have a fireplace. It works.
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    How Much Energy is Your Aquarium Using?

    Total 4 Amps when everything is on.
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    Here's my story of my first 12 hours with my APEX.

    When you bought your first computer until now, werent there many times you were just as frustrated? Did you just throw it down and stomp out of the room and say "OMG, like, I'm never touching that thing again! That's the worst purchase I've ever made." Judging by your post I'm betting you have...
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    I live by the ocean

    Well doggonnit, silly us! This whole time I thought people grew out corals from the ocean, maricultured them in a cleaner healthier system, fragged them, repeated this process multiple times, and then sold them to me, where I dipped and cleaned them, put them in my system and grew them out and...
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    Biocube 14 build

    Hmm. So currently you have no livestock including fish or coral, but your using both Purigen and carbon? Just curious, why would you do this?
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    Hi guys newbie here (:

    Welcome. There are 7 stickies at the top of the forum. Please read them for most of your questions to be answered.
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    I live by the ocean

    ^^^^^ THIS! So true. If I lived on an island with the sea a foot away from my tank I'd still make my own water.
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    Back at it, wow stuff has changed

    Wow, this post is frightening...