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    Aquac Remora Skimmer Box?

    definitely agree with shock130, the only way to keep water at a consistant level would be to have an automatic top off unit
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    calcium reactor recomendation

    A GEO 612 works perfectly on my 120, very happy with it
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    Why does my skimmer overflow?

    I've had this happen before when the water output on the skimmer was clogged with debris, after cleaning it was fine
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    Rod's Food

    It's definitely worth it to me, it's one of the only few kinds of food I always have on hand. My tank loves it
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    Can anyone recommend an alternative to the Mag 12/1200?

    if you would be able to use an external pump you would have a ton of choices for a pump that size, most are very quiet and add very little heat to the water
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    Siliconing glass baffles..

    I siliconed the middle first like most people, and for the outer baffles, I put silicone where the glass would be first, then put it in, smoothed the outside seam like normal and used a small (1/2") piece of PVC to smooth the inside of the seam, not that it matters that much anyway but it worked
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    What do you all keep your tanks temperature at?

    mine stays between 79 and 81 luckily without a chiller
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    RO/DI price? these are great units at an affordable price if you want to buy new
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    Return Pump for 120

    I have a 1260 on my return too, I didn't want too much flow through the sump because that was pushing micro bubbles through with the last pump I had. Switched to the lower flow Eheim and no problems now
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    Temperature ?'s

    mine is 80 and on warm days sometimes it gets up to 82 and everything is still fine
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    What types of foods are you feeding?

    I usually stick with Rod's food, PE mysis and dried algae sheets, and rotate other frozen foods for variety
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    Anything other than sand??

    you could go bare-bottom which is no sand at all. It's getting more common for several reasons including that one
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    What is your salanity?

    1.026 for me
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    Shopping Ca reactors

    I love the Geo 612, just got it recently and very simple to set up and use, I would definitely recommend it
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    pictures of sumps