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    Big news for angelfish fans of RCT

    Cool. Just wish I had the cash to pick up a couple. Definitely would not be resold though lol.
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    Big news for angelfish fans of RCT

    Well they have more then. Wonder who else is going to end up with these little beauties.
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    Big news for angelfish fans of RCT

    Didn't look like they were auctioned to me. Just listed like everything else they have on their stocklist.
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    Big news for angelfish fans of RCT

    Any idea of when these will show up on QM's list.....and will they show up on their regular stocklist?
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    Looking Into Ordering Some LR

    I too can attest to the quality of their live rock. Great stuff. PA is the first place I look to when ordering just about anything lol.
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    What's the best salt out there

    Divers Den uses Instant Ocean Reef Crystals. Considering their reputation it can't be a bad salt.
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    Ever accidentally dropped something into your aquarium?

    I also dropped a light fixture into the tank. My hands were in the tank and it was plugged in and turned on. I had a second of "oh sh!t" and then got my hands out. No shock and the fish didn't seem to notice. Lucky i guess.
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    Naso in a 5' tank?

    I would say a minimum of 8ft for any Naso species. That might sound harsh, but many others say 10ft or longer. I just don't think 5 or 6 feet in length will cut it. sorry
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    How to catch damsel fish!? Help

    Buy a grouper....
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    Question about shipping

    Richard, while we're on airports, do you have any carriers that go through MWA or PAH?
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    NLS Wow!

    I soak my pellets with PE mysis and other frozen foods and feed them together. My Limbaughs Chromis didn't eat the pellets when offered alone, but soaked with the other foods he snatches all he can.
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    Live Rocking shipping

    I'll pitch in and vote for Premium Aquatics as well. Got 110 lbs of the Manado and really like it. I'm planning on getting some of the Bali Alor they have and also some from TBS to fill out my tank as well.
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    feeding 10 tangs

    Those poor fish. I wouldn't put 4 of those in my 800, let alone a 280.:headwalls:
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    Tropic Eden Reeflakes

    Just ordered 120 lbs to finish filling a 220. Premium has been getting way too much of my money lately, and something tells me I'm not done yet lol.:bum:
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    too many tangs?

    I've got an 800 gallon tank, albeit fresh, and I can't imagine 47 tangs in it. I think it's full with 15 or so cichlids and sunfish lol.