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    All of the above! I miss Maui. Last time I was there I was offered a job on a snorkeling boat. That would be fun...
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    Play sand??

    To bad Southdown isn't still around. Great sand.
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    120 stand build

    More pics...
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    120 stand build

    Hey Everyone, I'm in the process of setting up my 120 gallon. Here are some pics of my stand build. The stand is 60"x24"x30". The stain is Minwax Red Mahogany. Any questions, feel free to ask.
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    Truvu 20L convert sump

    I did this to my 46 gallon Tru Vu. I left a 1" "rim" around the top. The baffles will help support the sides. I can post a pic if you are interested. Good Luck.
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    NSW vs. Salt Mixes: The Ultimate Debate

    Scripps water is run through 3 sand filters. I've been using it for years, Never had a problem. Just don't collect it after it rains or a red tide. If it's good enough for The Birch Aquarium. It's good enough for me. Plus it's free!:D
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    Corals for rent ?

    Are you having a party:confused:
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    Number 1 Fish

    Sohal Tang Powder Blue
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    What is a closed loop system???

    The bulkheads and nozzles you should be able to find at your LFS or online. You can get all the PVC at Home Depot. By the time your finished you will be VERY familiar with the PVC aisle at Home Depot...:D Also, Before you get to far ahead with the plumbing. Decide which size(gph)pump you will...
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    What is a closed loop system???

    A closed loop is another way to create water movement in your tank. The link below will help describe it alittle more.
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    looking for some automation in kalk dosing

    That's how I do it. Works Great!
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    largest fish you've ever had

    Back in my FW days I had 24" Arrowana and a Pacu that was about the size of a Dinner plate...All in a 100G.
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    stockpileing... were all guilty

    4 MH bulbs, 4-5 Maxijets, 4 Mag 7's and enough PVC parts that rivels Home Depot
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    Are closed loops on the way out

    I just replaced my powerheads with a CL. I don't like the look of Powerheads either. The CL came out real nice. I wish I had a little more flow though. I most likely will put a CL on my next tank.