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  • I have been looking to follow active members in this forum, such as yourself. My activity has been limited but I do intend to increase such!
    Hi, I have a good home for your clown. The tank has been setup for 4 months and just has a few zoas this would be the first fish. You can call me 408 966-6362

    Rob Moore
    Hi how are you? i saw your avatar. are those "white velvets" i just have 2 polyps right now and I love them. What do you call them I cant really find a known name for them. Thanks in advance - hope all is well! -- josh
    hell Charles:

    Don't get out:) I would like some of those polyps. Too bad, I am still in NY and won't be back until the end of june. However, whenever u decide to come back into reefing, just PM me.
    what happened charles? You are saling most of your equipments. I hope you don't get out of the hobby.

    Take care
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