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    Denver area LFS

    For high end I would go here: They are only open on Fridays from 4 -7 PM. You might be able to arrange another time if you call ahead.
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    Next DARC Meeting: May 12th at Aquatic Art Inc.

    It's today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cris has some of the nicest fish and corals in Colorado, always a must attend when he opens his doors to host an event!
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    LED Colors Compared

    Here is a good article comparing the LED spectrum:
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    how to revive frozen silver sides

    He forgot the 9V AED!
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    DARC Fragswap - Saturday December 3rd - Highlands Ranch High School

    Event has been cancelled Event has been cancelled This event has been canceled due to a scheduling conflict at the High School. More info here:
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    Going to Denver. any recommendation?

    Stores: Elite Reef, Keys Island,Todd's, etc. When are you going to be here? PM Sent
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    Westy Petco

    All fish come from the Ocean, unless they are tank raised. Look at all the fish/coral to get an idea if someone at the store knows what they are doing. Pay close attention to the lighting of the corals (are they getting the correct amount?) Ask a few questions and see the fish eat before...
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    Denver Area Reef Club - June Meeting - 6/12/11 3-5pm - Littleton

    Gonna have to miss this one. Camping with the Boy Scouts again. Learning how to feed your reef live cultures, sounds like an awesome meeting!!!!
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    Denver Area Reef Club - May Meeting - Saturday 5/14 - Englewood - 2-5pm

    Sounds like a great meeting. Unfortunately I'll be camping with the kiddos Boy Scout troop that weekend. Have an awesome time everyone!
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    75g tank, skimmer, MH bulbs FS

    What temp are the bulbs?
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    foxface fs

    I think he's in 80634 Greeley.
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    Recommendations on co2 bottle

    Have you tried a Lawnmower Blenny? When I first set my tank up I had a terrible Hair Algae problem, Bob (Lawnmower Blenny) got rid of it in about three months. We also would play where's Bob with the kids, he had loads of personality. After about a year Bob went to a local fish store to help...