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    converting a ranco controller

    What was that song by the "Talking Heads"? Uhm, oh yes..."Burning down the house". Save your money and buy a dual stage. Ebay sells them rather cheep sometimes. :strooper:
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    What reefsafe silicone from HD

    GE silicone I. It's the II that has the anti-mildew blended in. HD also sells "aquarium sealant". That's my preference. It's only available in a tube, so you would have to get a couple of them if you needed alot, but it's only a couple of bucks. How much is your livestock worth?
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    Product returns and exchanges.

    Maybe my choice of words did not set the stage for what I wanted to say, and maybe I didn't go into enough detail. I am a working class individual like most and don't like to spend hard earned money unnecessarily. I did not say that I was happy or proud to pay $55 to return a chiller. I just...
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    Product returns and exchanges.

    I have recently began purchasing equipment for a 30g I am setting up and as always placed my orders with the excellent staff at MD. On 2 occasions in the last 30 days, I ordered some pieces of equipment, had them shipped and then made changes to my setup which required something different. On...
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    over flow help

    lifereef. not the cheepest but keeps your floor dry.
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    Micro Bubbles...UGH!

    increase the size of your intake plumbing. the pump is cavatating.
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    ARO Electronic Ballast Questions???

    I have an ARO ballast for my 'fuge light. Works excellent. all-apologies, I see you have got your lights put together. Looks great! 75reef
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    What size hose do I use?

    Oh, I also thought of running 3/4 on the Mag7 back to the tank and using a dedicated pump for the chiller in a loop back to the sump. I didn't want the added heat from the extra pump. Maybe my only option.
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    Pump question

    Once it is primed, it will work fine. You shouldn't lose very much. Use a larger intake hose than you normally would. Closed loop pumps work this same way.
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    risky business

    Keep the slots nice and rounded, no sharp edges. Try and avoid any sharp edges, this is where a crack will develop. I hope you have alot of time on your hands. Usually, with anything repetitive one does, the first few turn out perfect, then the next few turn out so-so, and the last ones turn out...
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    What size hose do I use?

    I just set up my new 29g cube this weekend and had a plumbing delemma. I bought a Current USA 1/10 chiller that uses 1/2 or 5/8 hose connections. I am running a Mag7 for the return, which is 1/2. Here's the problem, the chiller needs a min of 420gph to work correctly and after I plumbed the...
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    overflow box

    A smaller u-tube will increase water flow and rush bubbles into the outside box. A 3/4" u-tube will flow about 400-500 gph. You should take the foam off of the standpipe, it is a nitrate factory and a plankton killer.
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    What size return hose?

    All alone here...
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    What size return hose?

    I just set up my 29cube SPS today. I have a brand new Prime 1/10 chiller that uses 1/2" or 5/8 hose for its fittings. I am running the return off of a mag7. I used 1/2" ID hose and the corresponding hose barbs. The problem is the actual hose barb opening is only 3/8". I think this might be...
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    $$$ Conscious MH Reflectors

    nmunn, As crazy as it sounds to pay $40 for a reflector and the socket, you cannot get the intensity and light distribution from a diy reflector. I have tried on several occasions and I ended up buying a pair of PFO parallel reflectors with the mogul sockets for $100. The preformed reflectors...