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  • what do u have? i have 29 gallon tank,series 2 return pump,20gal sump with 30#of live rock and media in sump.3 power heads,over flow box,6 t-5 ho lamps 3 10,oook whites and 3 uvl super actinic blues.1 yellow tang, 2 ocellarius clowns, 5 heads of pulsing xenia,20 heads of green trumpet coral, 6 heads of torch coral,2 heads of frogspawn,6 green center button polyps,1 zoa rock with prolly 100 green zoas,and 25 purple polyps spread around,and 8 brown and green polyps(got those free at seacave with some purchases),and 3 kenya trees..prolly 50-70# of live rock in tank and live sand,1 turbo snail and 2 astrenia snails,10 blue leg hermit crab,and 25 little star fish,tons of copepods.and sea clone protien skimmer...i have tons of live rock in a container and live sand ready to go whenever i can find bigger tank w nice stand..
    im good thanks..i go to sea cave often,nice fish but not alot of corals and frags,bit pricey in my opinion..iv herd other people on reef central talking about slippery rock corals..i just looked at web page,but it looks like u have to go there to see everything..i noticed ur a cnc guy? im a tool maker here in erie
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