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    Getting back in!

    Thanks! Yeah he was a good one... Although it's nice to see these 'designer' clowns are very reasonably priced now! lol
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    Getting back in!

    That's awesome! Lol we should definitely catch up when I'm back in town. Probably won't have much cool yet but if I do I'll bring it for sure. I'll hit you up but it's looking like mid June. 🤙🏼
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    Getting back in!

    Captain, I remember you for sure! You had some nice unique stuff... can't believe you ever stopped lol. When I come back to town I'll have to stop and say whats up. AllClear still around?
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    Getting back in!

    Thanks guys! Seriously, its addicting for sure...
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    Getting back in!

    Been almost 10 years... but now that I have been transitioned to work from home, I have time to reef again! Man things have changed, but good to see a lot of familiar names still in the hobby. Got a little 25g set up and cycling and looking to get some of my old corals back. I am in Phoenix...
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    FS: live sand

    I just took my tank down and have about 100lbs or so of love sand. It's the sugar size aragonite. $40 takes it but bring something to transport it in.
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    FS: Live Rock

    Well I think it is time to finally take down my tank since its been sitting fishless for over a year... I have WAY too many hobbies and this one just has to go. I think I have about 100 lbs if I remember correctly. Asking $1/lb but will make a deal for someone who wants it all. I also have...
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    FS: Advanced Acrylics sump

    Still available if anybody is looking for a nice little sump. Make me an offer...
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    FS: Advanced Acrylics sump

    I bought this a while back to use on my new setup and then it didn't fit in my stand. I didn't plan very well and built a center brace that severely limited my footprint under use tank. Anyway it's a beautiful sump hopefully someone can give it a good home. Dimensions are 16x24 and 16tall which...
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    Looking for a 20long

    If your using it for a sump hit me up I have one. Actually might be 10g I'll have to check Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    goldenheart trigger, red sea banner fish

    Are you willing to sell only the trigger? If so how much?
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    Pulsing Xenia and trumpet coral for sale

    Let me know when you have some more Xenia. I used to trade that stuff in too. It grows like a weed! I could use some life in my swim tank.
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    Coral Beauty, Banggai cardinalfish, 6 line wrasse, some SPS frags

    Put me in line for the coral beauty and either of the frogspawn of the coral beauty falls through