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    Decorator crab in a reef tank

    Haven't had a decorator but every crab or shrimp I've had has nipped a coral at one point. I have a cleaner shrimp for 2 years and never had a problem but recently it popped a bubble on my og bounce!! I noticed he stopped cleaning fish so I think he's looking for food more.
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    Brown Algae - fine strands - ??

    Only thing that ever worked for dinos was getting phosphate and nitrate up a little. When ever one of those was 0 or very close I got dinos. I tired every other thing people recommended.
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    Reef tank on 2nd floor of home..maximum size ?

    My house is from 1920 and I have a 100 gal plus 50 gal sump. Been fine for years. It’s where we all hang out and watch tv. Each house is different but that’s my experience
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    Wrasses: medication sensitivity

    I won’t deny it’s true but I treated my twin spot with cupramine and it didn’t skip a beat. The other fish you could tell didn’t like it but the wrasse was totally fine. If it’s the only way to treat a sick fish I would do it again and just start slow
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    Used Apex buying guide

    I think it’s in the Manual in how to store each probe. You can get the manual on there site and check out what it says
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    Used Apex buying guide

    I could be wrong but i think the ph probe is the only one they needs to stay wet. If the price is right just replace the dry probe.
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    Removing red slime remover

    Yes to the poly filter. Yes to the carbon. Run without the cup. It just takes time period
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    Any "all-in-one" owners? Past or present?

    I had a innovative marine fusion 20 and it was amazing. Quality and functionality was amazing. No issues. Only changed because I wanted a bigger tank. The 40 gal is really really nice
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    Blue Hippo Tang losing too much weight!!

    You need to catch that thing and quarantine. Feed it by itself and also maybe do some general medication. If you feel like it's worth it. If he's just naturally going then maybe nothing you can do.
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    Rust patch of frag plug

    I’ve thought the same thing a million time. Only happens on argonite plugs most of the time not the full ceramic plugs. I could be totally wrong that’s my observation. Maybe something in the material. It worried me before but hasn’t been a problem
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    blue hippo tang aggression to small fish ?

    My blue tank isn’t a bully to the point where the other fish can eat or anything but he definitely pushes them around
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    Low Nutrients Cyano Problem out of control!!

    I did all the things people recommended. When I stated dosing nitrates and phosphate it went away and it was the best day of my life. Opposite of what you hear. Carbon dosing makes it worse if it's from low nutrients. I use seachem for both supplements. Now When I start a new tank I dose...
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    Name that thing on the glass

    Agree they don’t look like stars
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    Red slime algae Cyanobacteria

    Yeah chemiclean always killed a couple of my corals so I would try anything else first. Use that as last resort.
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    Sooo many dried organics.....

    I’ve only done it once and I bleached it and dried them and it took care of the organics but they still will be new rock. Try to actually cycle them with some bacteria for a couple months. Even doing that it will still take a while when you actually start the tank. The rock needs to get...