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    Schooling Bannerfish (Heniochus diphreutes)

    One is reef safe, the other is not. Here's how you tell them apart. Look at the anal fin (this is the opposite corner of the fish from his eye). Look at where the black and white come together. If the black and white meet at the corner, its diphrates (reef safe). If the black and white...
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    Defining the "perfect" onyx percula

    Here's my wild caught male (seller said from SI, but I think maybe PNG instead?) from about five years ago: And here he is today, tending the brood: Solid black belly, BTW
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    Oregon Coast -- Who Knew?

    Uh oh...the secrets out....
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    A Rare Yellow Carpet

    Haddontea Haddontea Apparantly, I have too much time on my hands. Here is a haddoni from RHS on the left, and the EC nem on the right.
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    Doni Marie clown's

    It's the same fish, just both sides. And yes, he was half the price of a normal A.
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    Doni Marie clown's

    This guy was sold by Doni as a grade A "cull", because of his underbite. This fish had more of an underbite than regular grade A's. It seems to be more normal now that it was back then. I didn't really care about the underbite too much, since he was and still is eating fine, I mostly wanted...
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    Doni Marie clown's

    Here's mine. He's about a year old now. Before (about 3-4 months old) and after:
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    New ORA Valida tricolor frag--looks OK?

    Thanks for the interest, but I'm just going to let it grow out for a while.
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    New ORA Valida tricolor frag--looks OK?

    2 month update: Here's the original pic: And here it is at 2 months from when I got it: Seems like pretty good growth, no?
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    Very cool Downhill! I'm glad you decided to try and raise this batch. I'll have to come over and check them out!
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    The Great Blue Debate

    This is my experience too. At depth, everything appears a deep purplish blue, actually kind of dull looking as compared to what things look like in white light. Shallower, of couse, is very nice white light, and brings out the colors much better. As for me, I have 15K Iwasaki MH, and VHO...
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    What to name these?

    How about Pumpkin Pie? with the browned crust, errr.... I mean skirt...
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    GBTA suddenly bleached, not recovering

    So here it is three months later, and the GBTA is recovering. You can see some tentacles now have zooxanthellae starting to appear: I still have no idea why it bleached in the first place, but am glad it's recovering. Just thought I'd post an update, for anyone else with a bleach out, that...
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    Why are PPE's so $$$

    Teal colored protopaly's