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    Lighting Questions.

    The daylight bulb is the "white" light that contains most of the usaeble wavelengths. The actinic bulb is mostly for aesthetics - some corals "fluoresce" under actinic lights. Honestly, most people use actincs for dawn/dusk effects and to give the reef that "deep water" look. If you plan to...
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    Adopting my first tank! need some equipment advice...

    Although live rock in the sump is a good idea, you should build a reef of live rock in your display. You will need about 1lb of rock per gallon for an effective/efficient biofilter, so about 50lbs of live rock (or about $350!). This ain't a cheap hobby. If you buy fully cured live rock from your...
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    Can Inverts and Corals carry ich?

    Unless you have a QT setup with sufficient lighting to house the coral for 4-6 weeks, I would dip corals in an iodine solution, rinse and add them to the DT. As for shrimps and other inverts, I rinse them in saltwater (put the invert in a net and pour saltwater over them) and add them.
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    lights for my new 110

    I had a 110g a few years ago and used a Current 4-bulb HO T5. It is great for illuminating the tank, but it will not do much for corals, at least not SPS. Based on my experience, I would use your money to buy something more substantial. That is a really deep tank and, honestly, a hard tank to...
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    Algae ID Please

    Could be Bryopsis. I think it's definitely an algae.
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    glass scratch

    Check out this website: Let me save you the expense and trouble, though, by telling you that you will never, ever get scratches out of glass. I wasted 5 hours of my live and $100 trying to get scratches out using this method to no avail. Trust me, the...
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    picking out a skimmer
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    picking out a skimmer

    ignore this:thumbdown
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    Reef Questions - 18 months in (photos)

    Your tank has crazy cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) everywhere. I'd assess your water parameters (particularly nitrates and phosphates) and make some corrections.
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    picking out a skimmer

    Do you have a sump?
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    protein skimmer

    :confused: I made a 30 gallon refugium for $40. Expensive refugiums that you find at the various re/e-tailers are a ripoff and waste of money that is better spent on other things, such as a good skimmer. I don't think you should gage how well your tank will do without a skimmer by looking at...
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    protein skimmer

    Also consider the AquaC Remora, which is a nice hang-on-back skimmer. If you talk to the "lifers" in this hobby, I think you'll find that most of them consider a good protein skimmer a necessity for any reef tank. I agree with Steve that you should research and spend the money to buy a good...
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    protein skimmer

    No offense taken. First, though, I didn't say "you must have a skimmer or your tank will fail.". I simply stated my belief that a skimmer is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can use, and I challenged the nay sayers to drink a cup of the skimmate from my EV-180. Second, in...
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    protein skimmer

    I believe a good protein skimmer is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have. Anyone who says it's not needed should drink from the skimmate collection cup and tell me what you think. The skimmer will removed dissolved organics which adversely affect water quality, nitrates, etc.
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    Need Help..New Tank sprung a leak

    Honestly, I would still take it back to your vendor and demand your money back. Akso check your credit card terms. Some cards cover replacement. Finally, if all else fails, I would honestly just suck it up and buy a new tank. Tanks are cheap (relatively speaking). To me, $250 is worth not...