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    Best way to remove pest(s) during tank move?

    I wish I could have taken pictures of it -- the beast escaped so fast that sometimes I wonder if I imagined it. I have tried so, so many nights to find it again, to no avail. I cannot believe that something so big could a) hide for so long and b) be completely out of sight now that I know it's...
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    Why did this crab put GSP on his back

    Not sure if this would work for your decorator, but... We have a hitchhiker crab (lace crab, actually quite pretty) and to make sure he stays well behaved I give him his own meal once a week or so. I bought a small package of raw frozen shrimp -- I spear a piece of shrimp on a long stick, leave...
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    Best way to remove pest(s) during tank move?

    We will be changing from our current 150g to a new 180g tank in a few months when we move house. I had initially planned on trying to disturb things as little as possible; set up the new tank and get the water well-mixed, then put the rockwork in as close to the way it currently sits as...
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    Switch from 4' 150g to 6' or larger tank; what to expect?

    Hi guys! I haven't posted in this area before, and haven't been active on RC for a while, other than a lot of reading as I really get my head back into the hobby... I never left, but I sort of let my tank 'run itself' as it were, maintaining the status quo and not changing anything for a long...
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    Just an idea -- I have a very tall tank (30"), and I knew I'd have a hard time stacking rockwork without ending up with a giant pile or wall. I decided to buy some fiberglass rods (driveway markers) at Home Depot and drill a bunch of my rocks so I could stack them in columns. I used a hacksaw to...
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    Yellow patches on Live rocks

    Sounds like the tank is maturing and starting to sprout new life! I always find this the most exciting time with a tank -- watching the rock develop from a (seemingly) fairly lifeless landscape into a colourful canvas of sponges, calcareous and soft algaes, little 'pods, worms, and even crabs...
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    Anyone Have Mollies?

    Years ago I worked at a LFS that sold both FW and SW. Occasionally we'd place a few mollies into the SW tanks to clean up the algae growth on the overflows and decorations. The mollies almost always looked better in salt water than fresh, and the sailfin mollies in particular looked like...
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    Aquascape opinions needed

    I agree, it looks great but it is a bit too symmetrical. If you make one side about 25% higher, and place it slightly back from the other side, it will be very pleasing to the eye.
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    Benefits of going bare bottom ?

    My tank isn't super high-flow, and there is NO detritus on the bottom. The starboard under the rocks is purple with coralline, and just looks like an extension of the rockwork; from across the room, it's not at all noticeable. I know this has been said many times before, but in many places, a...
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    Back in the saddle

    It makes me feel better knowing that other people have done this -- it hasn't happened to me, at least not this way, before. In a way, it has probably been good for some things; no hands in the tank, no new additions (not even a snail), and not a single rock has moved. No rearranging, no moving...
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    Back in the saddle

    I'm sure this happens to other people... right? Life got busy, REALLY busy, and our reef slipped to the bottom of my priority list. For quite a long time I've been filling the ATO reservoir, occasionally dosing kalk, and feeding the fish. period. Oh, I empty the skimmer cup and change the filter...
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    In a tank by itself?

    S/he'd do fine in a tank alone. You could keep inverts alongside the damsel, and have a really interesting little tank. A 20g with a coral banded shrimp or cleaner shrimp, maybe 10 hermits of different types, an emerald crab, some hardy lower-light corals and macroalgae and one, bright blue and...
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    Auto top off jug?

    I agree with the others, it's just not worth the risk. Plastic can retain dangerous chemicals, and a top-off bucket is going to be full 24/7, leeching any toxins constantly, so it's much higher risk than if you were just using the bucket for a quick transfer (just as an example). I used a 5.5g...
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    Red Sponge question

    I imagine if it was dead, you'd know -- dead sponges smell like nothing else on earth. They absolutely REEK. Think a dead snail smells bad? That's nothing. A dead sponge could peel the paint off a new car from 30 feet away. If it's feasible, you could try moving it -- if it's in the light, try...
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    BB reef.

    I asked this recently, and people mentioned that acrylic won't absorb shock so it's not a good idea. I used white HDPE, and I'm quite happy with it. Last week my leather coral dropped some branches and they decided to grow on the bottom -- now there's something you can't do with a sandbed! I...