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    Sorry for the late reply - I didn't get any notification. I must have something turned off. And I can't PM so I figured I'd just post here.

    I live in Hampton as well! I've been a member on reefcentral since 2009, but I didn't start my first reef tank until 2014 (it had been freshwater until then). I started with a 90, then consolidated to a 40 but now I am building a 180. I ended up buying a new tank.

    Is it PMASI you are a member of? I was thinking of attending an event at some point or another.

    Hi Ted, I know that I have not been around much but I have a favor to ask if you can. I have started a tiny 3 gallon jar pico and I wondered if I could have a few frags to put in it...a head or two of a hammer, frogspawn and duncan if you have them? Its ok if you can't for some reason but I figured you wouldn't mind me asking.
    Hey Ted, any chance I could catch a ride with you to this week's pmasi meeting at Alex's? I would like to get more involved, renew my membership and such. I like what I see with the direction the club is going.
    This is Brian from Those Fish Geeks. I have your estimate ready, and realized that I did not save you phone number. I finally thought to try this.
    Hi Ted, I was planning on going to this week's meeting but Dave sold his old motorcycle and is delivering it Saturday evening to its new owner out in Latrobe so I wont make it this time since he need me to give him a ride home. I hope you win some nice coral at the club!
    Hey Ted, just warning you that I think I accidently sent an old message that I was trying to delete. Sorry about that. Not only am I not good with technology but I even get confused with the things I know how to do, ha ha! Comes with age I suppose.
    Hi I am ray smith and pretty new to saltwater. I have seen you help with problems on this site. I am from franklin pa and I am having trouble with my hydra 52 I think my director went bad and I was wondering if you might know somewhere in Pittsburgh that might have a director or a controler. Thanks Ray Smith
    Hi Ted, I am very sorry I never called you last night about the colt coral. Dave and I have been helping our friends (the missionaries) while their other son is in the hospital. We took the kids to North Park to help them with some gym credits for home schooling and time got away from us. We are kind of living day to day so I am not sure when I can get it. I feel bad, especially if you were waiting for me. I am not in a hurry but if you are I will come as soon as I can. Thanks!
    Hey Ted, one of my RBTAs was on the glass when we got home from vacation so I got it out of the tank and in a 5 gallon bucket. You may have it for free if you want or else I am going to give it to the Seahorse. Let me know. Also the temperature controller is here for you. I will give you frags and macros too.
    Hi Ted, I am heading out of town for 10 days or so on Friday morning. Is it possible for you to come Wednesday or Thursday evening to get the dragon's breath? Also, would you perchance be interested in us pet sitting each others aquariums when we each go away? I need to let you know up front that I have seahorses and although we don't go away often when we do we need a sitter who can come once a day. I won't be offended if you don't want to do that but I thought I would ask. O, and I have someone for this trip so I am not asking for that, LOL.
    OK - how about tomorrow evening ( weather permitting) as I am not finished with patients until about 7pm - that should give you plenty of time to get here. Most of the Xenia and Mushrooms are attached to walls - so I will use a scraper and the corals will be free floating/not attached to rock- you will have to mount them at home. There is some Xenia/mushrooms on Rocks- but all my rocks in this tank have atipshia/Mojo on them - If you want the corals on rocks you will have to deal with the undesirables. Price for the mushrooms/ Xenia= Free - but if your taking some on rock - I would ask that you replace it with other live rock. Let me know - Ted ( office phone= Bailey Chiropractic 724-934-0899)
    Hi Ted, Im sorry, low light level corals is what I meant. And yes Id really be interested in both your xenia and hairy mushrooms as both will do well in my reef. I'm about 1hr40min away from your office and work till 3pm Mon-Fri. Let me know what day/time works for you and weather permitting I'll come down! Thnx, Jim
    PS: Either the pirate(my avatar) or his sister will probably tag along
    Just stumbled across your post this evening, Id be really interested in low light corals ( im running 6x65watt pc), but even tho I only live an hour away my knowledge of the burg consists of Monroeville and thats about it. we go to elmers at least 1 saterday a month
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