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    Tyree $500 Efllo and war coral question

    I've got some growing out but wont be ready to frag for some time now. acroreef123
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    Tyree $500 Efllo and war coral question

    Hey guys, Just out of curiosity, I am wondering what kind of price a 1" frag of the original Tyree $500 Efllo would command, also a 5 head colony of the Tyree war coral. thanks alot. acroreef123
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    acropora millepora

    here are a couple of my favorites: red mille (brightest I've ever seen) Blue polyp w/pink coralites mille acroreef123
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    Calling all KNOP ca reactor owners!

    Hey guys, I just got my new KNOP C reactor all set-up and running and I noticed that the CO2 seems to collect at the bottom of the reactor right under the plastic part that divides the media chamber and the pump inlet. it did'nt bother me until the pump started sucking up th CO2 thus making...
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    Frag tank lighting que.

    Hey guys, I am in the process of setting up a large frag tank (48"L x 30"W x 15"H) and I am stuck on what lighting to use, I have narrowed it down to two options: 2x250w HQI and 2x160w atinic VHO OR 2x250w HQI and 2x96w atinic 03 PC Both fixtures are made by Hamilton and are in the same price...
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    Can I get an ID please

    Hey guys, I got his coral about two years ago from my LFS for $80, at that time it was about 3in. and had a nice emrald green color will light blue tips. Now it is about 5in. and has developed this stunning royal blue color. I am thinking possibly a tenuis but I am not sure, what do you think...
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    Could you post pics of your Favorite Coral

    This is probably my favorite coral in my tank And this one is a close second acroreef123
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    why did my raspberry milli turn green?

    I bought a red mille a while back that seemed to turn green almost overnight after I acclimated it. But I gave it some time and it now looks like this 3 mos. later, I didnt move it up or down or anything I just left it alone
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    New Colonies arrives @ 62 degrees?? What to do?

    Hey balnkenship, They look really stressed, but I would not worry at all, cold is alot better than hot. BTW the other one is not a pocilopora its a millepora and the color doesn't look half as good as it did when I sent it, the stupid fedex guy could'nt find your house so he just didn't bother...
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    What type of lighting do you use?

    Back in July of 2004 I posted this same pole asking people what type of lighting they used, and got nearly 3000 votes. At that time only 6.45% of voters used T5 lighting and 49.82% used MH lighting (the other 44% belonging to several other types). I thought it might be interesting to see how the...
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    shipping large SPS

    I am planning on shipping a very large(8"+) acro, is it acceptable to ship it half submerged to save on shipping or is there some other cost effective way to save on shipping? thanks, acroreef123
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    T5 VS. Metal Halide

    Avatar71, No it does not. Most people think that when the T5 "gurus" say that T5s use less power than Mhs they mean that 400w of MHs use more power than 400w of T5s, but this is not true. Watts IS power consumption, so 400w of light consumes 400w of power whether it be MH,T5 or an shop light in...
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    T5 VS. Metal Halide

    johnjr, If all that info was accurate you would have a pretty strong case , but it's not. You say that you would need 15 54w t5s to equal that of a 2x400w MH set-up, but where you slip up is assuming that wattage=light output. When you look on a vendor site they give you the wattage of a light...
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    which calcium reactor media?

    i am in the process of setting up a calcium reactor (Knop C) on my 58g. SPS reef and really dont know what media would be the best to use in it. Can somebody point me in the right direction? Also, I am currently dosing B-ionic daily, what real benefits should I see after I make the switch...
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    tank shock - elect current!

    Ever since my tank has been up (5 yrs.) it has shocked me when my hands are in the water. Now when I mess with the tank I just make sure that I am wearing shoes. acroreef123