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    Liquidating Remaining Items

    None of the links work
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    Buying premixed salt water from lfs

    I am sure Aquatouch would test there water for you
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    Whats up AZ!?!?!

    Who needs a tank.... Glad you are happy.
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    Big Tank & Big Skimmer for sale

    Good luck in future Ryan.. Loved your tank and you contributions to the club!
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    Acan's dying?

    Going way too fast Slow down
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    OT: Free ethernet drop cables

    What kind of business do you run?
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    Congratulations Elliot!

    Well this is totally worth a post Congratulations Elliot well deserved!!!!
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    March 2015 Tank of the Month!!!

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    Aqua Touch Sale

    They are on facebook too
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    FS: Vortech MP40W

    Mp40w for sell second generation. It is going into a bath of vinegar today. $225 OBO
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    Good LFS West Valley / Central PHX?

    Welcome to the hobby!!!! You found a great forum. Here are two links to events that happen in the valley. I have not been able to attend very many lately but you will find very helpful people to answer most all you questions and get some corals for a good price! You will also get true, honest...
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    Good LFS West Valley / Central PHX?

    Yes Reef Industries Here is the link to the thread I am referring to