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    What Calcium reactor to Buy?

    Hi All Im wondering which reactor to buy? Deltec Pf601s or Korallin C10002 For my new Heavily stocked SPS 400g I want a reliable, easy maintence and easy to use reactor, so do you think im looking at the wrong brands? Cheers Adam
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    quick Question on what skimmer to use

    Hi im setting up my new 190gal tank with 60gal sump and im not to sure what skimmer to go with i want to go with aquamedic either the Aqua Medic Turboflotor Multi SL or the Aqua Medic Turboflotor 5000 Shorty Compact? Im planing on packing the tank with plenty of acro's and anthias but for the...
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    My fishes Histology slides with parasites

    i cant seem to attach the photo gif files to the post any one have any suggestions or if you think you might be able to hel me out i can email them to you PLEASE
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    My fishes Histology slides with parasites

    Dear Dr Ron i recently had a six line wrasse died and since i work in Histology i have cut it up and processed the gills, pectoral fins, tail and head. The pectoral fins and the gills showed two different kinds of parasites and i was wondering have you any knowledge in what these to parasites...