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    Neutral Density Filter

    i just bought a cokin p mount and singh-ray makes filters for them. i lost my p mount grad wednesday :(. I own a cokin cpl filter and its great but i was very displeased with the quality of the p mount nd filter. Also with the p mounts you can get reflections from stuff behind you in your...
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    new photos

    click on the thumbnails for bigger pics. please be critical as i am over critical of my own work, but I don't have any constructive criticism for myself. I dont mind if you say THOSE SUCK as long as you tell me why. Please help me get better. BTW all shots were taken with my d5000 with a...
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    cannon t2i (550d) vs nikon d90

    i like the nikon, but i have a d5000 which has the same image processor as the d90 and d300 i believe. i like nikons lens' and love there backward and forward compatability
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    Fireworks photos!

    wkahwkah very nice shot. the scenery is lovely. what kind of focal length was that shot at? below 18mm?
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    What's a good multipurpose lens for the T2i?

    i have a d5000 with a 18-55 and a 55-200. i used to use the 55-200 but now seem to be using the 18-55 more often. i love the wide angle shots now. when u got 15 megapixels u can crop like hell. ive gotten some pretty decent aquarium pics wit the lens too. the kit lens should be great for...
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    faux macro

    with my whitebalance i set the preset. what i did was take a closeup pic of some dried coraline on the back of my tank. i shoot in raw so the whitebalance setting when i take the pic doesnt really matter, as i adjust it in the camera afterwards.
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    faux macro

    heres a few shots of my corals with my 18-55mm kit lens. images were cropped and blown up about 50%. minimal editing other than minor sharpening and a little white balance adjustments. btw the chalice is for sale Uploaded with Uploaded with
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    first real shots

    iso was shot at 200. full tank lighting was on aswell. i myself am impressed in the colors on the angel. most shots i have taken of him, the angel looks red, and in the shot you can see the full color gradient. i have some real good poses that my goby gave me awhile ago. sadly the pics...
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    Taking Pics Of Moving Livestock

    are you using a point and shoot or dslr? in my experience to get good shots out of a reef tank you need to shoot in maunual mode and adjust the shutter speed and aperature yourself. to get good sharp shots of moving fish a nice flash is usually needed
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    first real shots

    recty - i believe that blue is some sort of reflection. if you look to the left and up a little of the flames head you can see a faint reflection of my white t shirt in the shadows of the rock. also i forgot to resize the shot of the scopas. would look much better at 800x600. bassplaya-...
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    first real shots

    Finnaly figured out my remote flash setup and captured what i feel to be "Decent" images. Lemme know what you guys think. be harsh, i love criticism :D. dont mind the coraline and other blemishes to the glass Gobious flame angel very hard to get "true to life" colors on this fish, i...
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    12-24 month old frozen food still good?

    ya it wont hurt the fish,but nutritionally it wont be the same as fresh. if it looks fine, go for it. i owrk in a grocery store and the frozen product wee sell must be sold by a year from reciept at store fwiw, and who knows what the wharehouse has it for.
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    air or oil dont matter. i prefer spectra pure ro/di. i feel there membranes have been much better ime. i have had my 90 gpd unit going strong for a close to two years with a 98% rejection rate out of the membrane. also things to look at if u are "green" or eco friendly is high efficiency...
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    One pesky phosphate...

    well, api test kits arent the best, and very hard to misinterpret imo. try a dig kit or run some gfo