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    Rms f-

    Well I hope that you and everybody else involved with RC doesn't think the opinions of the clubs President represent the club as a whole. Many of us saw this "trainwreck" coming a long time ago and finally grew tired of arguing about it. I've never been to RMS so I can't comment on the store...
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    MY Green and Pink SPS fetish

    FTS is super nice, great looking tank!
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    spa hose

    I treated my spa flex just like it was normal PVC. I primed it and then used PVC cement, no issues or leaks over a year later.
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    Proud New Owner

    I've looking for a external octo myself, let us know how it does for you.
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    Why woud someone do this!!!!!!!

    Well three different vendors are reporting that it has happened to them, so obviously somebody is doing it.
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    Why woud someone do this!!!!!!!

    I don't think it would take a large window of opportunity to be able to drop a few pieces of metal in the tank. It's noisy with all the pumps, you're shuffling around, grabbing at corals, etc. How long do you think the process would take? I'm guessing half a second or less.
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    Why woud someone do this!!!!!!!

    Just for kicks and giggles I posted a for sale thread on craigslist a few hours ago. I didn't violate and rules or breach any of the terms of agreement. It's already been flagged and removed. First off, I wouldn't let random people in my home to shop for corals anyways (yes I have done so in...
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    Why woud someone do this!!!!!!!

    Almost anything coral related gets banned on the Akron craigslist within minutes. The rumor is that a certain vendor has a craigslist app on their phone. Anytime something is listed in Akron with coral in it, the app notifies the user a new coral post has been listed and this vendor flags it...
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    Why woud someone do this!!!!!!!

    Akroncoral, You should get a copper test kit too, salifert has a nice one.
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    premium figi and tonga LR fs

    I bought the rock a few minutes after it was posted. Nice stuff, thanks!
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    What is going on with my reef!? need some veteran help!!!!

    I doubt copper would have killed the fish.
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    What is going on with my reef!? need some veteran help!!!!

    There are plenty of toxins that could have been in the chiller that you didn't test for.
  13. aerius007 down?

    Was down yesterday too, there was a message about switching servers like Kreeger said. That can be a hassle to do.
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    Need 3 more for BRS

    Carbon, GFO, RO membrane and filters, filter socks, and a biopellet setup.
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    Need Holes

    BRS sells them pretty cheap, group buy going on right now too.