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    Dudester’s 450g corner in-wall and tank room – help with design

    Its possiblity that is called ECOFoam, that is enirovmentaly than fiberglass material insulation, I am working on for house plan to buid a house next summer if the pan is go. will to use ECOfoam for attic and walls instead of fiberglass material.
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    DAS EX-1 slight leaking

    I have EX-1 Skimmer and I have a little leaking on the base where the chamber, I wonder if Weld-on 16 will be working on seam of acrylic chamber to bottom base?
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    DAS skimmer club

    I got DAS EX-1 skimmer and I put in bath with vingaer. I finding that have a little leak on the bottom of chamber and the base. I wonder if can put a seam of weld-on 16 on the chamber and the base? its not really bad leak but maybe lose about 1/8 cup per 3 hours. I wrapped with the towel for...
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    Bubble Magus BM160

    Look so good, I am stuck with 3 choices, BM100, BM150, BM160, I haven't decide yet until you got BM 160 so I can follow your thread and see how it perform.. look identiy to DAS EX-1? BM160 is 6 inch chamber than EX-1?
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    T-5 Ballast can fire 39 watts?

    Thanks for clarify, so I guess hold the plan until buy new fixture for 36 inches and then replace the ballast to icecap660 later.
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    T-5 Ballast can fire 39 watts?

    I have three T-5 ballasts, I use this for fire 54 watts bulbs, I wonder if it can accept to fire for 39 watts? the ballast is Advance?
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    The Bubble-Magus Club

    What is kind of pump do currently use for this skimmer?
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    Melanurus Wrasse - Pin Stripe Wrasse - Do they rule out clams?

    I would like to know too, I want to get melanurus wrasse in my reef tank, i hope anyone will answer this question
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    The Bubble-Magus Club

    Look good.. How is pump? pinwheel or needlewheel?
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    Bubble- Magus skimmer has arrived

    Guillo1, you still use skimmer right now or stopping use?
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    Bubble- Magus skimmer has arrived

    Let me know what is your opinion how is perform, I am thinking about get one for 75 gallon.... i need new one so wait for your opinion
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    NextReef Phosban Reactor?

    Never heard of this product, new to me.. someone can tell you. I would like to know this too.. sound like a interested product
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    T5HO ballast questions

    I rather go for two icecap 660 because they are decent better price than 430, I think about 20 dollars difference. If you decide go for 8 bulbs 660 will do that. imo I am planning to retrofit for 7 bulbs or 8 bulbs I will get two 660s
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    Bubble- Magus skimmer has arrived

    Tcgreaux,, curious where you get one with 110 v? from reefscience, I noticed that selling BM100.. it worth to get one for 75 gallon tank?? I wonder?