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    Smaller is Better! (5.5 gallon desktop nano. Lots of pics.)

    MD in tha house!!! I'm living in Towson now. Nice tanks to those who posted pics. Thnx for the auto top ideas too, i need to work on one for my 2 gal.
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    Show off your picos!

    lookin good everyone, here's my 1.77 hex (still in the works) just got a snail for now.
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    My New 20 gallon Reef (lots of photos!)

    oh yeah and are you running a skimmer?
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    My New 20 gallon Reef (lots of photos!)

    could you explain how your overflow works? very nice tank.
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    1050 Gallon Tank Pics

    which pics are the tank and which are marshall island haha!
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    My 10G nano Project Underay - Lots of Pictures!!!!!!

    just a thought. From your drawings it looked like your skimmer came after your refugium, if you make your fuge your return as well your fish will benefit from any pods growing in the fuge and will get a nice snack. if you skim after the fuge anything beneficial growing in the fuge will be...
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    Birth of a new 10 gallon nano (pic intense)

    nice tanks everyone who has posted pics. reefdude are the ac filters prefered for a diy fuge because of the size of the media area? I've see a lot of ppl do it and wondered why the ac. I may have a setup like this a few yrs down the road so othanks for the great ideas and clear pics.
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    1.77 gal pico log

    sorry for the grainy shots
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    1.77 gal pico log

    are these feather dusters, can anyone tell me a little about them? Their diet, behavior etc? this one just showed up on the rock on the right of my tank ive seen this one off and on for a while on the left rock
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    1.77 gal pico log

    ok, some viable options here. Thanks for the input. Ill continue reading and proceed with caution from here.
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    1.77 gal pico log

    thnx for the input, i've been wondering about dosing, that is something i know very little about. Can you name any brands that carry a 2 part system? I have had doubts about the cc bed from the start so we'll see about that. I have heard of ppl using a turkey baster to blast stuff off rock etc...
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    New 24g Aquapod FOWLR (pics)

    very cool look with the mixed colored sand
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    the 1700g stingray reef
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    1.77 gal pico log

    found an old HOB wisper which could work on this tank with some adjustments so im debating whether to make the switch. My ph is a little low, around 7.9. My buffering capacity seems to drop when my tank gets any higher than 79.5 degrees. What is the best additive to fix this, or do i need to...
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    1.77 gal pico log

    those are serious benefits, can u post a link to that product?