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    tank troubles

    Thanks I will give the screen a shot and let you know how it goes. thank you
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    tank troubles

    No but how would copper get in the tank? just asking
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    tank troubles

    I have a 120 gallon display, with 55 gallon sump , two 5 gallon surge devices and a Dolphin World Series Dual Performance 5600/4700 on a closed loop. I have three 250w 20k halides I only keep the two end ones on at the moment, 2 96w power compacts and two 65 w power compact actinics. I also have...
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    Relocating tank

    thank you
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    Relocating tank

    I have a 20 gallon tall that i wanted to just pick up and move to a new stand about 5 feet away. Can I do this without fear of the glass breaking in any such way? In the tank there is 17 lbs of rock and 20 lbs of live sand and its full of water.
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    Lighting issue

    My metal halide goes on for about 20-30 seconds then turns off. Anyone know what causes this? Is there something i can replace in the ballast that causes this? Thanks in advance AJ
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    I purchased a Green Ricordea attached to an ark clam from Its seems to have what appears to be seaweed growing on it. is this possible and if it is seaweed, could it be used in a refuge. Its actually intertwined with the Ricordea.
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    Canopy ventilation

    I just bought a chiller do I still have to install a fan in my canopy its around 100 degrees in there. Water temp is still at 79
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    bubbles in sand bed ?

    I have noticed air bubbles in and on top of my sand bed, particularly in one spot. I recently added a few sps coral to my tank and the bubbles are in the same area around the two corals. In this same area the sand on top is a purplish pink. My dkh is 12 my ph is 8.3, calcium is at 380 and...
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    Coral Placement And Aggression

    I have a hammer coral who's sweeper is coming pretty close to my mushroom rock. Is this safe?
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    Coral placement

    Thanks guys
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    Coral placement

    I want to put some green ricordea on the same rock as my leather about 1.5 inches away. Is this recommended. Just seems to be the nicest place it could go. Thanks AJ
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    Help leather coral

    hey thanks alot, I think that was the problem. the leather is just starting to display again and the kenya is back to normal. I appreciate the reply.
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    Help leather coral

    something must have crawled on my leather and ripped it from its spot. while reattaching it i saw a milky white substance come from it. Now my kenya tree which is in close proximity is now shriveled about 25 - 30 min after this happened. Is it possible that the white substance is a toxin. I just...