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    Black Friday Sale at BRS

    30 l nuvo
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    Black Friday Sale at BRS

    Considering a purchase at BRS for a new IM tank and curious if this Black Friday sale is as good as it is going to get prior to the holidays. The discount is not that great. Anybody?
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    Im 30l nuvo pro aio

    Looking to downsize my 15 yo 60 gallon aquarium to the 30L NUVO pro AIO. Currently offering a small $50 discount at BRS but was curious if there will be a bigger discount coming in the next few weeks. Also,. ..any feedback with this tank if you own one is welcomed. cheers ajoe
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    Feeding Clams

    Thanks Mondo. I was leaning towards a few hours soak time max. Soak time was my main concern as I don't want to foul up the system with uneaten food and few scavengers to offset that.
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    Feeding Clams

    Was going to include some clams in my feedings just to mix up some diets. I see some people use clams in the half shell and others the entire thing to prevent them from flipping over. makes since. My question is how long should I leave this clam in the aquarium. Surely there is a limit to...
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    Do 2 Primes make a Hydra 26?

    I agree that there is little if any significant difference. Likely a bit more advantageous with 2 Primes since you can spread the light a bit more with independent sources rather than confined to the few inches apart each puck is in the 26. Plenty of light for your nice little 40 gal setup...
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    Are too many snails a problem?

    There is such a thing as too many snails. I think the current take on this is roughly one per gallon. Just keep in mind that there is a balance b/t them helping the tank and contributing to its demise. Every one of those mouths produces waste. It's better to lean towards fewer and having...
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    Apex Jr alerts?

    Add a second heater to that tank avoid the headache. Pretty common for many reefers to have this redundancy in place.
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    Sell house with fish tank?

    Why not just make it an option to potential buyers? You want the system here is the price. You don't here is the price. Simple. I like simple.
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    Water Changes

    Your current change schedule seems to be working just fine. I suspect your zero readings at 4 weeks are likely a result of the routine your in. Why change it? A spike in the levels could easily start you down a path you may regret. If it ain't broke...well you know. nice system.
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    Tank addition?

    royal gramma is always a nice splash of color.
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    High cal and low alk

    The most important thing is stability. Alk can be anywhere b/t 8-12 dKh and I think most shoot for somewhere b/t 9-10. Rather then chasing numbers find a level and work towards staying on point. Others will chime in with higher/lower levels of ALK and success but again stability is key.
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    High cal and low alk

    Plus one. I had a spike in CA up to 500 and it took 3+ weeks of zero CA dosing to return to 425. Give it time to come down and slowly raise that ALK. It will be just fine. Likely a salt issue.
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    Looking for some light advice

    An AI 26 is plenty of light for a 16 inch deep tank. Most SPS will thrive with that unit. It is a nice light and full of features. Simply raise the unit above the water to get the maximum coverage and increase the intensity to offset that. You won't be disappointed with this unit and you...
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    protein skimmer pump question

    Likely a build up of Ca. I would take out the impeller and then soak both the pump and the impeller in 100% white vinegar for no less than 6 hours. Some people dilute he vinegar but it only adds to the length of time it takes to disolve the Ca. You can keep the used vinegar in a container...