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    Nuvo40 Fs or trade

    good condition, no scratches, all cleaned up ect comes with Black stand original return pump 2 filter socks 2 media baskets 2 spin stream nozzles original screen lid will trade for sps frags
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    FS SPS packs, Bubble Tip Nem

    3rd on the nem....text me if it dont work out with the other 2 and ill come pick it up along with a couple others 70758066zero-seven
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    Stocking help, new tank.

    go to live aquaria and read their writeup on all those fish...add the friendly ones first and the more aggressive ones last and at the same time, if possible.
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    I've read that if you blast it with a power head it will get ****ed off and let go of whatever its holding onto
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    What disease did the snowflake bring to the party?

    unless you are absolutely in love with that goby i would return him as well, the thing is now your tank will always have ich unless you remove all fish and don't add anything wet to the tank for 73-90 days (depending on who you ask) after your 73-90 days is up you need to qt all fish before...
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    Is my tank ready for livestock?

    check out live aquaria...its free shipping for $199 and up.. 4-5 snails 4-5 hermits (get the dwarf ones, they don't murder snails for their shells) 2 clown fish a couple cleaner shrimp and a couple corals should be close to $199
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    Skimmer or Media Reactor

    if you don't have an ATO then get that before a skimmer...its so nice not having to manually top off a couple times a day plus is keeps everything more stable... weekly 5g water changes on a 20g system should keep it pretty darn clean as long as you don't over feed like crazy or put a ton of...
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    Bubble magus skimmers

    thanks for the replys fellas....any of you have experience with reef octopus skimmers in comparison to bubble magnus..?
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    Bought my first two clowns - one died in QT

    get some selcon to soak the fish food can also try entice or the garlic stuff to soak food in...might get the picky eaters to eat. luckily I've never experienced any of the problems some people have during qt..almost all my fish ate fine and were active.. i did have a yellow watchman...
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    Bubble magus skimmers

    ok who uses this brand.? from all my research these things are the sheit but not a lot of people use them. people who do have them love em but its few and far inbetween...
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    Snails Crabs or Both?

    i get the small or dwarf hermits...they leave all my snails alone but once a snail dies they swoop up the shell in a heart beat
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    Bought my first two clowns - one died in QT

    crappy luck...i qt/ttm my first 2 clowns in a 5g home depot bucket lol my clowns will eat flakes but they arnt really excited about it. they prefer pellets and frozen mysis or brine, shoot anything frozen really.
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    where to buy red sea reefer?

    looking for a new red sea reefer 425xl in the Sacramento-SF area. anyone know of a LFS that can order me one or have em in stock for cheaper than BRS ($1,950) Thanks
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    Buying first fish tomorrow...don't know which one

    definitely add the clowns first, they are active swimmers and add good color and movement to the tank. also you should at least ttm all new fish to avoid a later headache, especially any tangs those buggers are almost certain to have ich. im pretty sure firefish are pretty shy so expect them to...
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    Frag Tank

    well i do have a 20g long i could use, better yet ill just go get a 40 breeder since petco is doing the 1$/gallon thing.That will put the total system volume around 60ish gallons. i knew i needed a bigger sump i just wanna utilize what i already have.i knew i needed a power head too so ill get...