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    Photo Contest - August 2022 - Full Tank

    500g acrylic 6’x5’x26”
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    new with no experience, any eel specialists who can give advice?

    Sorry, misunderstood your post. I’ve had snowflake eels in my tanks for many years. But I have to tell you that In a big tank, 500g, I might see him once a month or more. This particular one has been in my tank for almost 2 years and I have never seen him eat anything! Obviously he’s doing...
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    new with no experience, any eel specialists who can give advice?

    Personally, I don’t think jumping into a ‘rescue’ is a great idea for someone with no prior experience or knowledge of the animal.
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    Fish Photo Contest - July 2022

    Wish I had another pair!
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    Painting the INSIDE back glass

    Why not purchase a piece of thin blue acrylic that you can silicone in place. Easy enough to remove if necessary. And yes, blue is the best color for background.
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    Structural effects of large water changes in large acrylic aquarium

    Never heard that, but why would you change that much water?
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    Tank failure on my 300DD

    I believe it refers to Deep Dimension… tank is bigger front to back, instead of being taller.
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    Free Freshwater Fish

    We left the light on, because we knew you’d be back !
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    General Progress - Photos

    I have always used a ‘bone cutter’… works great on plugs and corals.
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    Return Pump Suggestions

    For approx past 5 years, I’ve been using a Jebao DCP20000 on my 200g tank. Sump is in basement so about 13’ up and total run of 30’.
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    Fairy wrasse - who the hell is this?

    How is this fish doing? A lot of recently purchased fairy & flasher wrasses have developed a neurological disorder which limits their ability to swim properly. I lost 8 new wrasses (in QTs) in the past 60 days.
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    Soft corals

    Always been a fan of a softy tank…
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    17000g home reef visit

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    New 500G In Wall Tank

    Will have to look for more pics, but…