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    Can a skimmer be run for aeration but not skimming?

    Just take off the skimmer cup and you'll be fine :)
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    OT: Looking for custom cabinetry and retail displays

    Thanks, everyone. I've passed along the info!
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    OT: Looking for custom cabinetry and retail displays

    The custom cabinetry and displays will be for a retail optical. From what I understand, the contractor would need to be licensed and bonded.
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    OT: Looking for custom cabinetry and retail displays

    Does anyone have recommendations for makers of custom cabinetry and retail displays? For a retail store in the Fountain Valley area. Please PM me, thanks!
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    Naso & Mimic Yellow Tang

    Great deals, I hope they go to a good home soon!
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    Reef-A-Palooza 2012 - October 20 & 21

    I went a few years ago and it was a fun event. I'm sure it'll be even better this year. Lots of different exhibitors, corals, and deals on equipment. Wish I can make it this year, but I'm out of town all weekend! :(
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    FS: Fairy Wrasse

    Sold! Mods please close.
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    FS: Fairy Wrasse

    Pending sale
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    FS: Fairy Wrasse

    Selling for $40 firm
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    FS: Fairy Wrasse

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    FS: RBTA in Lake Forest $30

    Aww, it's no problem. Hope the clone moves, though :)
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    FS zoanthids

    Good stuff, wish I were closer!
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    Some more beginner questions

    1. You might be able to get by with fans blowing across the top of the tank and sump. That should lower the tank temperature by 2-3 degrees. 2. No on beach sand, as it may contain contaminates and silicates (which would fuel a diatom bloom) 3. Every time I travel somewhere, there are always...
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    FS: Fairy Wrasse

    $50 he's getting bored in the bucket :)