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  • I don't live near the fish store. I'm actually near Ocean City about 45 miles away. Let me know when you're in the area. There's a couple SPS that in a couple months from now will need some pruning.

    To save you some time, here's a quick list of my SPS so you know what I have...

    ORA Pink Birdsnest
    Superman Montipora
    Tyree Aquarium City Pink Millepora
    Purple Poker Tabling Acropora
    Unidentified tabling blue and Green Acropora with purple tips
    Vivid's Blue Staghorn
    Unidentified True Yellow Bottlebrush
    ORA Plum Crazy
    Wet Thumb's Royal Acro
    Blue Flame Acropora
    ORA Bellina
    Green Slimer
    ORA Red Montipora Cap
    ORA Roscoe's Blue Acropora
    ORA Hawkins Blue Echinata
    Wet Thumb's Blue Tabling Acropora
    The Green Dream Acro
    Wet Thumb's Blue Spike Stag
    Purple Nana
    Purple Montipora Digitata
    ORA Joe the Coral
    Oregon Blue Tort (a beautiful but painfully slow grower)
    ORA Blue Millepora
    Blue Prostrata
    ORA Red Planet (still a frag)
    Pocillopora Damicornis
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