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  • Hi... I'm Austin.
    Nice to meet you.

    First I must apologize for anything that you may find offensive.
    Also, English is not my first lang.

    I read a post and come upon your statement of disagreeing that Quarantine is only true option to prevent Ick.

    Me too... but the question is.. have you found another alternate way beside Quarantine?
    I own a Fish Store (Marine Only). I've losing a lot to Ick.
    And I cannot afford to quarantine it as I have to compete with other shops. And Profit is just not cutting it... as the customers is very few and too many sellers.

    And do they suffered with Ick too? Yes. They all do. Trust me. I know all of them. Or at least I used to.

    But I don't want to fell into the same loop holes that they do (Owing thousand of $ to bank.)

    Can you help me if you find another option?
    Please help. Thank you.
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