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    120 Tank Build 48x24x24

    Hey everyone, decided to get back into the hobby after taking about 15 years off! Planning to go with ~120 gallons, and I am leaning towards the Tenecor Radiused corner tank. Unfortunately I havent seen many reviews of the tenecor tanks since they have been back in business, but the guy i talked...
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    Acrylic fabrication questions? I can help!

    Long Skinny Tank.. what thickness? Long Skinny Tank.. what thickness? Hello, I am trying to plan out an aquarium for behind my bar. I have a space that could fit a 79"L x 9.5"W aquarium. Not sure how tall I would want it, but I am thinking around 12" Tall. My questions are: 1. With a tank...
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    Must-haves for EASY DIY controller?

    suspense is killing me guys, I have been reading through the last few days and am really excited with the direction you guys are going. I have done some programming myself and plan on integrating this with my iphone/ipad once I get up to speed on the arduino. Question: If I order that starter...
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    Must-haves for EASY DIY controller?

    Ok well, I hate to be that guy, but is there a wiki or a summary of some sort on this project? The thread is up to thirty pages and I am really interested in what this controller is capable of, but don't have time to sort through all the comments.
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    Have you owned a Large tank, experience wanted

    Alright all you Large tank owners, (for this thread 300gal +) I want to know how many of you have managed to keep your tank. I always wonder, especially on 1000gal+ tanks how many times people either end up breaking these big boys down due to high costs, too much electricity, humidity, space...
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    This makes me very sad
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    Who's built their own rimless tank

    I think i will try my hand at building my own rimless glass tank. I am thinking 30L x 12D x 15-18T. I need to know how thick the glass needs to be since it wont be braced around the top. Thanks, Krys
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    clams and t-5s

    I went ahead and purchased a crocea clam, so we will see how it goes and ill report back
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    Hermissenda crassicornis(SEA SLUG) and anemones

    I recently spotted a sea slug as a hitch hiker, very beautiful and only about 1/4" long. We have identified it as a "Hermissenda crassicornis". The only problem is while doing some research we found out that one of its natural food sources is anemones. Does anyone know if they will try and feed...
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    clams and t-5s

    I have a 46 gallon with a 4x39watt t-5 system, and was interested in trying out some clams, which clams would be appropriate for this amount of light. My tank is only 18-20 inches deep, Thanks, Krys
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    Sebae spawning, need help!!

    Well good news to report, as of last night everything was alive and doing well, we just did a five gallon water change and ran some carbon. I guess the good news here is that my anemone must be doing pretty well in my tank, from what I have heard they will only spawn when healthy. i will try...
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    Sebae spawning, need help!!

    Tonight right after lights out my dad noticed that my aquarium was cloudy, we kicked the lights back on to find that my sebae anemone had hundreds of little green balls (i assume these are eggs) all around it and all throughout the water column. I assume that this was a spawning event. None of...
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    How hard are marine tanks really?

    Well as said before, it all depends on what type of set up you have, I have a 46 gallon bow front. Two tangs, a pair of clowns, pair of damsels, gbta and a sebae anemone, two shrimp, and various, sps and lps. When I first started this tank I was testing every other day, and doing weekly water...
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    New House, New Tank!!! 300 Begins

    How tough is it to clean acrylic, will a magnet be sufficient or scrub pad? I have to use a metal scraper to get the coraline off of my current tank, but i know that I have to be more delicate with an acrylic tank.
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    New House, New Tank!!! 300 Begins

    I agree, bigger is better, but it was hard enough to get the wife's vote to let me punch a hole in the wall of a new house... We were at a LFS so i could show her an inwall tank to get her approval. It was going all to well, she really liked it because all of the equipment was hidden and all you...