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    Anyone have experience with Aqueon's frameless tanks?

    I purchased a 21G tall Aqueon for a new setup and was wondering if anyone else had experience with their framless lineup. I know they're not widely available so I haven't been able to find too much on forums. I wanted to attach a Kessil with the A-series mount, but it's my first frameless and...
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    Is Neptune Aquatic Open?

    Yeah pet food items are essential. I was honestly a little worried after the initial order same out, I don’t horde frozen food and my seahorses eat a ridiculous amount. I’ve already seen so many smaller LFS’s go out of business I’m glad these guys aren’t being forced to close right now. The...
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    Anyone have a chunk of pulsing xenia they're willing to sell?

    Hey everyone! Recently moved to Sacramento to finish up school and want to start up a little nano. I'm looking for some pulsing xenia for my 20G and was hoping someone had a baseball or so sized piece they'd be willing to part with. Likewise, if anyone has some clove polyps I'm just as...
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    Sea Hare

    Hey there! I setup a new tank not too long ago after moving to Sacramento. My parents and family still live down there and I'd be glad to take it off your hands if you still have it by next weekend!
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    Neon toadstool.fs

    Where are you located?
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    Large 15”+ Squamosa clam In SJ

    That’s stunning! GL to buyer
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    Fs: hammer corals

    Where are you located?
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    OT: silicon valley clean energy

    That's hardly a penalty and entirely fair. There's a lot of maintenance and upkeep required to maintain the grid, so the $14 is quite fair. I'm on the E6 tier so also have time of use rate, which is far far more generous to solar users in that we're effectively paid 3x a rate for any electricity...
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    Fs: Rbta 6-8" $60

    Where are you located?
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    Splatter Frogspawn

    Hey there. I didn’t receive a response to my previous PM.
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    anyone interested in some softies/leathers

    Attached a picture to help you out. Make sure your're clicking on advanced settings instead of quick post. Where are you located OP? Interested in the leather.
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    tank shut down live stock F/S

    Would you be open to selling the rocks covered in blue polyps?
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    OT: Want Iphone 5S or 6S

    I have a spare 5S available. Pretty well taken care of with no scratches or scuffs.
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    Hey there! Any chance of being able to stop by and take a look tonight? I live out in Oakley too.

    Hey there! Any chance of being able to stop by and take a look tonight? I live out in Oakley too.