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    Lights for a 125, somebody straighten me out

    I don't think you need 6 bulbs - if you stagger 5 bulbs and keep the high light animals a little off the sand bed you should be fine. I like the 60" bulbs - I use them on my 125 (with individual reflectors), the only problem is that I always have to order them because nobody local to me...
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    water change, does anyone heat their water?

    I do the exact same thing.
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    What would you like to see in a fish store??

    I would happily pay $120 for a $100 pump in order to buy it local, no problem. The problem for me is when a LFS wants $220 for that $100 pump.
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    whats your tank temperature?

    I try to keep mine between 78-81 It only gets to 81 in the summer.
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    Robotic Fish

    I can just imagine a few years from now a thread title: I'm having trouble with hair algae on my robotic fish. :)
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    Two-Parts dosage question

    Your dosage will be dependent on the items in your tank and also the 2 part solution you plan to use. If you have more SPS and clams you will need to dose more, if you are mostly softie and LPS you likely will dose less. Also, make sure you have calcium, alkalinity, magnesium, and pH test kits...
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    What to put in HOB

    I run 2 AquaClear 70s on a 45 gal. In one I have carbon and in the other I have rock rubble. I like having the carbon, and I change it out monthly with my water change. My plan is to convert one to a small refugium in the future with chaeto.
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    How are you rinsing your GFO before using it in your reactor?

    Whenever I change mine I just put a few gallons of RO/DI in a bucket and drop the supply pump for my GFO reactor into it. I direct the output to another bucket until it runs clean, then I put it back in the sump the way I had it.
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    Where is the tank of the month for April?

    I have a premium membership and I think the jokes were great!
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    Auto top off noise

    Sounds like it is not working correctly. I also have a dual unit from them and it is just a single click. Perhaps the relay is not working right. I would contact them with the information and see what they say.
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    Don't buy pods here!!!

    If you just go to their site and click on the "Copepods" link you will see that they offer free shipping on a couple of their copepod products.
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    Other Hobbies beside Reef keeping...

    I am also a magician. In fact I believe I can say I am the best unpaid magician on my side of the street. :P
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    Nova Extreme SLR T-5 Fixture too loud

    Yea it seems 40mm is right - I found a website that listed it as a 50mm and unfortunately trusted the wrong website. Will be ordering 40 mm fans now. I may even mod the hood to take a couple extra of the quiet fans. It would cool it and keep the noise down. I will report back if it works or not.
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    Nova Extreme SLR T-5 Fixture too loud

    I ordered a few 50 mm fans from newegg and I will be installing them next weekend. I will post pictures when I take the hood apart so everyone can see what type of connector is used.
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    Stocking order for 45 gallon

    Ok, well it looks like I may swap the pseudochromis with an orchid (fridmani) dottyback.