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  • Things are good! Still in Boston. Paul and I got married in 2010 (you may had known that??), working, living life...back to tankhood! We're Running a 14g nano biocube.
    Sure is great to hear from you! I haven't been a club member for a few years now. Mainly because I don't have time what with a 2 year old climbing the curtains at home but also because the dynamics of the club has changed so much. I don't believe that I know anybody in the club anymore which is a shame seeing as we were such a close knit group back in "the day!"
    Love your response. Still living in Northern Virginia. Thinking about getting a 45 bowfront going again. Was in Connecticut for personal business last spring and was shocked to notice a poster in Fin and Feather for a CTARS meeting at Mohegan Sun. Guess it's kinda grown huh? How are things going with you? Is the pic your kid? Mine are 15 and 17 (in November). Time flies when your...well, time flies! Nice to hear from you.
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