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  • Hi, a friend told me that there's a place to look at events dates but I guess I'm not smart enough to find it, can you assist?
    Hello can I be given access to the buy/sell section. I've been a member for years and im looking for some leds and for some reason dont have access. Thanks

    I'm trying to post a thread and it keeps telling me I'm not logged in. But I am. I haven't been on here in a long time. Can you check and see if my account has been suspended or something? Not exactly sure what's going on but I'm sure its something that can be resolved easily. Thanks for your help
    HI I have made double post and would like to delete the extra, is there a way to do this?
    Thank you very much, I have much to learn.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Sorry I didn't respond earlier, but I didn't notice I had visitor messages!

    How do i delete my account and posts as i'm not in marines anymore, i stopped Jan2011 because of to much workload from my company, will start again someday.
    Regards Dave.
    Thanks to the RC admins for opening the Nashville Area ReefClub
    It is appreciated

    thank you

    Jason Hutton
    I was told to contact you regarding adding our new club to reef central thank you

    Hope i have the right person to contact. First off i'm going to need alot of help i'm new to the online community. I've owned and operated saltwater to go Aquarium sales and service for 29 yr.. The last few years We've been building our website And I've been answering post on several of the aquarium forums. One of my main interest is in starting a product rating thread or forum. Also I'd like to become one of your online vendors. Let me know the cost of doing so. Looking forward to talking too you.

    John the Fishman
    I noticed you are a mod for this sale forum, I have a question to ask you, about a week ago, a seller by the name of ' rosh ' was selling frag packs with pics, then that very day his thread was gone( suspended according to him) the reason i am asking is because the packs he sold me was the worst,(doa's and 1/4
    ' two packs at $360. shipped and he gave me 8 other buyers that he claimed that they were happy with their packs with no complaints. but since the thread is gone, i cannot see anyone's feedback, so in one of the emails he listed all the names and address from the fedex shipping label but no usernames for me to contact. So is there a way to find the usernames of the other buyers? thanks.
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