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    large scale pod culture

    I haven't tried raising pods in bulk. They need some clean conditions, and cleaning big containers is not my favorite thing. I've raised all the pods I need in gallon plastic PETE jars, and that works for me. Once upon a time, I raised tigriopus outdoors in a 17 gallon tub. I set it up with...
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    Spirulina powder as food for apocyclops?

    I'm not sure, but I do know that microalgae works very well. Just enough to tint the water a light cloudy green. Reed Mariculture is your friend.
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    Maroon clown babies on edge of glass

    I think it is too late for this reply, but one reason for larvae staying at the glass is if you have not tinted the water with microalgae. The other reason is too much light. The water should be just a bit cloudy or cloudier and tinted green if you are using a green algae.
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    Blue green chromis spawning

    If you can culture some live phytoplankton, like Isochrysis, you can also culture copepods, and use the baby copepods for feeding the just hatched larvae.
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    Ruby Red Dragonetp

    With a little better focus, we would be able to tell. You are almost there.
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    Ruby Red Dragonet Breeding Journal

    Still, it's great to get this far!
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    Flame Angelfish Breeding attempt

    Richard Reynolds is "rsman" on these forums, from long ago. He's an inventive, talented, and clever guy, raised many kinds of fish before any of us were able to, but did not document it well. He did this as a young man in Southern California, was friends/business partners with David Mulcahey...
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    Ruby Red Dragonet Breeding Journal

    How did the starvation trial go?
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    Who's breeding what?

    The right sized prey is always the problem, isn't it? The Clarkiis were great and easy to raise, and cute as buttons, but didn't sell well. I've given up selling clownfish. Not to derail the thread...
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    Who's breeding what?

    Currently working on: Lysmata wurdemanni, nearing settlement Lysmata boggessi, 3 settled growing out Gobiodon okinawae, some hatched last night Elacatinus evelynae, spawning, and eating the eggs Synchiropus Ruby Red, hatched, and raised to 16 days Dascyllus aruanus, spawned, hatched, raised to...
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    Ruby Red Dragonet Breeding Journal

    I am really enjoying this thread! Keep it coming!
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    black ray gobies.

    Sorry to be so late in replying. I so rarely come to RC. Oceanops larvae are large enough to take rotifers, but they appreciate copepods as well. I am also working with damsels and gobies with smaller larvae(yellow watchman ) and ruby red dragonets. The damsels and dragonets hatch as...
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    black ray gobies.

    No, I am a different Anna, but I've bred gobies, Elacatinus oceanops, before, lots of them, and recently.
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    Aquaculture software

    He was lured to middle Missouri, some old woman told me.