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  • A second skimmer is almost always a very good idea. Regardless, you shouuld be pulling a full cup of skimmate out of your tank every day. If not, clean and tune that skimmer(s) better. And don't believe your tank does not have enough organics for it. I didn't believe it either until German friends pressed me hard enough to really learn my skimmers. I have gotten daily skimmate out of 240 gallon culture tanks with Xenia only (no organismal feeding) and no fishes! Just snails for diatom control and yes... daily skimmate produced. Amazing. As for water flow, the rough rule is 30-60X turnover... but simply apply as much needed to keep all solids in suspension. If you see solids settling, you need to tweak the currents so that does not happen. For any more questions, my friend... could we please take them to the general forums so that more people benefit from our time and discussions than just us? Its good for everyone that way. Kindly, Anth-
    Anthony thanks for the reply. I already have a skimmer and it pulls a lot of stuff. I also have another Euro reef Im not using would you add a 2nd one to the mix or just run one? Also in my refuge I have a deep sand bed and so cheato but very little flow. I have a ton of pods in there also, What is the proper flow that should be going through that area. It is a 75gal sump and a quarter of it is the refuge. There is also some live rock in that area about 20pd or so. Thankyou for all the advise, Steve
    SMC... thanks for the kind words. regarding your UV, I don't see it being very useful in a display with substrate, and certainly not to control benthic algae forms. You are better off with ozone to boost redox and moreso to focus on better nutrient control. Tune that skimmer, add a skimmer, get a better skimmer, etc. Be mindful of feeding techniques (don't allow thawed juice from frozen foods to get in). And simply increasing water flow to assist a range of other processes will reduce algae. Keep an eye on alk and pH too... keep them strong and high.
    Good grief... I am getting old. I have no idea what mario Karts is :) But cheers, George! Hoping you are very well, my friend.
    Anthony I was at the Cincy Reef meeting in Ohio and I want to first tell you that I enjoyed the talk very much. Ive also been reading your books I picked up and they are great to. I have one question for you I bough a aqua uv for a fish only I was going to do but never set it up. I was think of putting it on my reef and was hoping you might shed some light wither good or bad on that. I have a modest problem with some green algae that I cannot seen to totally kick and was thinking it may help?
    Cheers, Paul. Thank you for your kind words, my friend. No worries truly. It happens sometimes. Usually it's a person having a bad day and venting, or the negative-Nancy type. In this case it was actually a very nice guy with an agenda; he had always been very kind to me in the past, but decided to puff his chest after I split with a girlfriend in his club. It was personal. C'est la vie and no harm done :)
    cheers, Joe

    I'm not sure what I can say to help you here my friend. The method is very straight forward. The folks that are faithful about maintaining a steady and strong pH (8.6) for several weeks have success (corals flourishing and algae abating). The folks that don't have success most always were remiss in actually sustaining their p. I've been using this method for almost 20 years. Its as reliable as clockwork usually. With kind regards, Anth-
    Anthony, I was looking for some more detailed information on fighting Bryopsis with the kalk slurry method. I seem to be having a hard time finding people who have had success killing off bryopsis this way. Any help is much appreciated.
    Anthony, sorry someone gave you a hard time at the LIRA meeting. I am not a member but I live near there. I recently spoke in California and someone there was contradicting almost everything I said, it was very annoying so I can feel for you.
    Sorry I missed your presentation, I know it was great and I heard good things about it.
    Take care.
    Paul B
    Aww is says Anthony Calfo has not made any friends yet.
    I'll be your friend, friend :)
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