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    I hope this link works, it's to the thread I posted when I bought it. It has been over 10 years since I've had a tank set up so my memory is pretty foggy on behavior, nothing really stands out so I'm...
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    I had an eibli/half black hybrid angel at one time. It came in to my lfs as an eibli, the staff at the store didnt realize it was a hybrid.
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    I had no issues with aggression from mine. It was in with clowns, a gramma, a wrasse, a pair of lyretail anthias, maybe a dwarf angel. I cant remember details at this point. Everyone got along well and were healthy until the tank overheated and I lost about 90% of the contents.
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    I had one in my 75g softie reef 10ish years ago, it was a great fish.
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    Bulk fish purchase I was able to find this thread, remembered it vaguely from a few years back, she had several years of success with a harem tank. I did not read it just now to refresh my memory on how it all turned out.
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    Who Else Remembers These Little Nems?

    Is that a S. tapetum ?
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    change anemone colors?

    I put a LTA into a tank that wasn't ready, it promptly disappeared into my rockwork and died (I thought). 3 months later it crawled back out and it was the smallest, ugliest brown anemone I had ever seen. Another 3 months later and it was a nice brown with green tint, and 2 years later it was...
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    I've decided to do a mushroom and zoa tank...

    Amplexidiscus fenestrafer, the giant cup mushroom, will grow huge, and will eat fish. Mine was 16inches in diameter, that is a yellow plastic ruler I put on it for the picture. Second picture is it balled up in feeding mode. I removed it from the tank because of space issues, it left behind...
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    Tomini / Cthenochaetus genus Tangs.

    I had a Tomini for years in a 75g reef, great fish, no problems with aggression or feeding.
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    How to Host new true percula to new carpet anemone?!

    My female percula was quite happy in her feather duster for months before she discovered the LTA that was 6 inches away. One day she realized the anemone was there and switched loyalties in a half hour.
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    Pairing Clownfish

    I would look for the smallest possible replacement. With my perculas the female was close to 3 inches and had been the only clown in the tank for 2 years. I got a male about an inch long and when I added him she initially looked like she was going to attack him, but she realized he was no...
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    Anthis fish

    I bought a trio of lyretails for my 75g reef some years ago. After quarantine, I added them to my tank, and a couple weeks later the male developed a bacterial infection that ended up killing him. A few months later one of the females transitioned to male, and the remaining pair lived together...
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    Like the look of MHs but...

    My lights on my old 75g tank, 2007-2012, were 2 175w metal halides with 2 36inch t5 actinics for supplemental blue. My preferred bulb on the halides was the Hamilton 10k. In the pictures are worth 1000 words department, here is a full tank shot from January 2010, and close up of a small...
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    Help me ID this please

    Discosoma neglecta, Caribbean umbrella mushroom.
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    Sick fish

    Hypo is fish only. Leave the rock and inverts in main tank.