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  • Hello Ottawa, My question is in regards to the Prodibio products and continued use of Ozone and UV while dosing. I've not see any mention of turning these off during dosing of digester and bioptim. I have seen the not to turn off the skimmer for 24 hours when dosing booster.

    Since typical de-nitrifying bacteria lives & works not in the water column, the O3 & UV have little to no impact on it. My thinking is that when first dosed, both O3 & UV need to be off for 8 to 24 hours to give the live bacteria time to exit the water column.

    What experience or comments from others would you have to share?

    Thank you,
    HI Ottawa. I sent u a pm some weeks ago regarding your light project. Care to reply when U have time..
    Best Regards
    hi Michael everybody says to talk to you about my profilux plus2 the first thing i am trying to do is get it connected to my windows 7 pc but i get error code 41 it starts to connect shows serial number and software version then stops i have version 5.17 on the profilux 2 and on my pc and i downloaded the usb driver are these compatible or do i need another pc version ? thanks for any help forgot i am using a usb to serial cable could that be the problem
    Hi Ottowa, I just read your thread with Claude from Fauna Marin regarding Ultra Algae X. I am currently on my 4 dose for dinos and so far am pleased with the results - not gone yet but on their way out.

    I did have a question however, It was mentioned in that thread many times the the root cause of the algae must be resolved to prevent the algae from returning. But what about dinos? Many hours of research has turned up zero credible evidence regarding what testable water parameters are responsible for their growth. Do you or Claude have any theories on this? Obviously I want to prevent them from returning.

    Thanks, I appreciate the help. - Steve
    I have read all posts you wrote about Profilux,but i don't seem tobe able to program the slave dosing pumps.I followed the instructions that you post about the settings,but,even after,pumpsdon't work properly.Can you give me some help?I am starting to believe that my dosing set is defective.
    I have a Profilux Plus II,and a six socket power bar,all the settings on the power bar are done and working properly.
    Good morning, is ts possible to have a chat via email relating fauna marin produccts?
    I ordered my Profilux controller from you a few years ago and was needed to order a PAB cable, L-port card and maybe a serial to usb adapter. Are you still able to ship/order from the US?
    sorry for thr late reply we rarely check our messages here sorry

    Yes we can help you please email us at
    Hi! I saw on My Salty Reef that the Profilux 3EX Megapack at 25% discount was going to be available through the end of September through retailers. Any available?
    good day!

    Can you send me some Fauna Marin product to Russia?
    My local dealer offer very expensive price due to high customer tax.

    with best regards Sergey Ladanov...
    I need to figure 1-10 volt needs, 2 for led effects, 2 for starfire, 5 for tunze, 1 for fan controler, any others I am missing, please send quote to I am off work for the next couple days
    Hi Michael

    My ProfiLux 3 upgrade kit has still not arrived. I called UPS and they say it did not arrive in Vancouver as per the tracking shows. They say it has multiple shipping addresses on it and that all I can do is wait. At what point do we say it is lost and a replacement kit is shipped to me. I think I have been very patient to this point.

    Tom Ratcliffe

    I have just checked the Tracking of my ProfiLux 3 upgrade and it seem to be lost somewhere in NY state.

    The tracking of some of my other friends in BC seem to be on a definite different shipping route than mine.

    Could you have someone check into this for me.

    my tracking number is

    16 Dec 2009 TOM RATCLIFFE

    I sent a 2 notes to and the response was to contact Aqua Digital, see the response below...


    From: "" <>
    To: Kamal Rajan <>
    Sent: Tue, December 29, 2009 9:42:13 AM
    Subject: Re: Damaged Upgrade Kit

    Hi Kamal,

    I'm very sorry to hear that your upgrade kit has been damaged. Have you contacted Aqua Digital?

    Spencer Shepard
    Progressive Reef

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