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  • Hey Eddie it's rico I'm looking for a stand builder . Do u know of any if so pm me thanks again
    Hi AquamanE, I am going on the FMAS tour in a couple weeks. Are we going to see your tank this year? Just curious... Went to Macna and you guys did a great job. I know that is all in the past but thought you could use another pat on the back... Also, enjoy your posts. Will be getting more involved in the club. Cheers, Matthew (mpfeiffer1)
    Can I buy tickets at the door on Saturday? And how much are they? Should I bring cash for goodies, or are debit and credit cards accepted? First time, sorry to bother.
    Just want to say thanks for all you do as president of fmas. I have high expectations for macna 2013 with your leadership
    Hey- Antonio. Just found this area of the RC forum. Not very familar with it sorry.

    Did you resolve issue?
    No prob. im glad i was able to help. Feel free to ask, ill help if i can. You never know, some day you might help me out (levamisole) hint hint. JK i have plenty. Or your brother can FINALLY get me a frag of deswalii he propmised me a year ago. :)

    SMTP is usually (I think) the outbound server. You have to get it right. Did you look in your properties in Outlook for the settings? If you cant fiqure it out that way ide post in the Neptune Forum on RC. There is a bunch of guys in that forum that are very tech savvy.
    Hey there Eddie. Thanks for all the help yesterday. Might sound stupid but I STILL CANT program my email !!!!!!!! I am stuck on smtp server..... DONT HAVE THE slightest idea what to put. Bottom line is that I cant make the program send me a test email. I got the alarms set up the way I want but still cant set up the notification.
    I have an aol acct!!!
    Thanks again.
    Hey there. Manny's brother again. Bothering you about the ac jr. I got the serial cable and the bluetooth dongle. I am having problems finding the "BAUD" fo the serial cable for the ac jr. Can you help me???
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