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  • Hello aquamanic,
    Do you know where I can get some help setting up my ac jr on a saturday? I am having a terrible time with it and am extremely frustrated.
    I hope you don't think this too forward of me, but I will be in BR from Houston after the long weekend for some meetings and I would love to check out your Apex setup!
    I work in Industrial Electronics and switched from the Digital Aquatics RKE to an Apex on my 180 gallon Reef Tank and your manual was a huge help in getting the programming done (plus it was fun!)!
    Let me know if you are okay/interested with this and if a time (and place) would be better.

    I have printed up your Unofficial Guide. It is way better then Neptune's manual. They are apparently making a new Apex manual.
    Anyways I have a couple of questions, like what do you think the Gateway, Primary DNS server & Secondary DNS server be on the Apex Network Configuration page?
    Also I am having trouble updating firmware. I get a message of:
    Loading firmware file into memory
    Firmware file load complete...
    Calculating Apex Start Checksum Vector
    Calculating Apex Start Checksum Vector complete...
    The controller address is:
    The controller address is:
    The controller address is:
    Connecting to controller, using address:
    Apex running in boot loader mode
    Trying to connect: attempt 1
    Waiting for input from Apex, timed out
    Operation cancelled by user.

    This will continue to time out for about 5 times or until I cancel it.
    Do you think you could help me out.
    What a great job you did on the Apex hand book, thank you for taking that kind of time to put it all together. Neptune should put a copy in every box they sell!!!!!!!!!!
    No, I really don't. If you look in the XML datalog, say right now, are the timestamps on the records correct or are they in the future? I don't know how Neptune has it programmed but I'd assume it gets the date/time directly from the Apex clock. If that's correct and the log data is correct, then I don't know where the date would be getting changed. There's really only two places it can get that info from - the options on the graph menu (where it's actually displaying data from a previous date you select) or from the log data itself.
    hey in my post earlier you replied to, do you know what might be causing my graphs to show wrong time/date?
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