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  • I'm doing ok thanks. All those tanks must be keeping you entertained, I'm glad to hear it's going well.

    Here's my old thread - Unfortunately nothing much came of the 55 as we moved house and circumstances changed etc. I am planning either a 75g or 120 though, it's definitely happening this time lol.
    Hey Capn, remember me? :D

    How's everything going? Is your tank still doing good?

    Hello. My name is Angelo, i'm a reefer with limited experience and knowledge, and still havent learned much from all the hard lessons experienced as a reefer. With that said, i was reading your post (#3268) from this thread

    I just bought a reactor to run BP reactor and am going to give it a try based on fellow reefers in the San Antonio, TX area. However, my question pertains to your reference to reefkeeping 101 which i'm still trying to get translated into the idiots guide to reefkeeping 101.

    My display tank has about 1 - 2 in sandbed and have a fuge with a DSB. Do you recommend eliminating all carnivores: necessarius snails, sand sifting stars, hermit crabs? I thought RK101 advice from others always recommended the need for a "clean up crew"?

    How goes it? I m wondering if you are still running your MSX skimmer? If not, why?
    I have noticed that Reef Specialty doesn't even sell them any more. I am not necessarily a fan of "the latest" so much as something that works well.
    Thanx in advance
    Hi Capn

    I was wandering if one can access where you are storing Peter's pictures?

    Thank you,

    Scott I'm in hamilton picking up a lawnmower was wondering if I could meet you for a bit let me know
    Hey Cap!
    Just wanted to say Hi! Been gone for 3 weeks to Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and South Dakota. A good and needed vacation ;-) Hope you are doing well!!
    My new sump arrived while I was away...haven't had a chance to look at it but will soon. I'm waiting on getting my AGA 90g back from my cousin. Then the work begins; new plumbing and tank tear down for scratch removal, etc... Probably will be waiting for a Long Time though;-( Take Care!;-) Terri
    Hey Cap! I never thought of pointing them upwards...I'll give that a try :) I swear my brain is water-logged! I spend too much time reading on this hobby and then can't remember what I've read...dah! You wouldn't want to see me all me :)
    Hey Cap!

    Thanks for the post on the 'corals'! The 2 Kor #3's that I'm running are at the water's surface trying to get more exchange. I have 1 of the #4's positioned low in the tank behind the rocks and the other #4 the same but in front of the rocks. (All are placed on the ends/sides of the tank) With the #3's just moving the surface, that's why I'm thinking I don't have enough flow. Am I all wet? :)
    Hi Cap!

    Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! The daughter flew in from Washington so I've been in a whirlwind since Tuesday...whew! Taking her to the airport early in the morning so need to hit the sack early tonight. Just thought I'd let you know I was thinking of you :)
    Happy (USA) Thanksgiving to my RC Buddy! Hope you are well, and your Bren and kiddos are too! Miss you much! Rae
    I havent been on a lot lately...but I miss ya bud! I hope u are well. Tell Bren Happy Thankgiving....... squeeze the kids and grands. Wishing u well this holiday! Rae
    Oh Cap, I forgot one other thing. I've noticed some people's skimmers set high in sump on a platform. Why? Have mine sitting on bottom of sump.

    Have you heard from WK? I sure hope he isn't having any health issue(s)!! Thanks again!

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