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    space invader pectinia

    I'll give u the going rate at $6.99 per eye
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    space invader pectinia

    How's the new business doing? How much for the whole piece so I can cut it to make a profit.
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    FS: Space Invaders Pectina frag - $50

    How's our ghost reef coral business doing?
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    Of course the seller will tell u it's genuine so u don't file a complaint. Who normally buys 50L box to verify. Would u trust a tunze pump that came in a jebao box or a plastic bag? Use some common sense... It's a good deal but I wouldn't risk it for all the money I invested in my tank.
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    FS: Walt Disney, Orange Passion, Planet Earth, ASD Rainbow etc

    Awesome - I'll hit u up when my new tank is cycled
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    Mars Aqua Chinese LED review (Ebay)

    Nice tank - wonder if this light will come out with an upgraded model
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    WTB: Boston Celtic zoas

    We only have laker zoas in SoCal
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    LF: Ecotech/Neptunes Seller.

    Interesting post - I thought you're the owner of killer corals
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    Scrapz's Ultimate Gamble 3x3 SPS Cube

    Nice corals Scrapz! Do u ever sell corals fragments? I would love to purchase a few pieces from your awesome collection.
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    100Gal Reef System Sale

    Any scratches on the tank? Where are u located?
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    Fs: Super star space invader

    Is that going to be the name of your store? Maybe we can be partners!!! Since u don't know how to frag and I am a frag master. Seems like we have leverage each other's strengths. You buy coral colonies and I will cut them. We split profits 50/50.
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    Sale of space invader

    Mods - please close this thread - not enough interest for an instant fsm I can trade u for your turtle or some koi fish? Or maybe that fish in your basement that you neglect... Sad bro!! Damn pga has too much cash...jelly Cmon hong - can't post pics from your shop... Hells yeah -...
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    Fs: Super star space invader

    Would you take $250 for it? Seems like that's the going rate plus less when u buy in quantity
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    Sale of space invader

    $250 an eye or 4 eyes for $500. Will only sell if I get enough interest. Need PayPal as deposit
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    Fs: Super star space invader

    Fs: space invader frags Fs: space invader frags Wrong thread