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    Waterbox 130.4 Macroalgae Display

    Sorry to revive this old thread, but do you still have this tank? Do you sell algae out of it when you trim? Would love to buy some!
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    Hi there! I have been admiring your amazing tank pics. Would you be willing to sell me some...

    Hi there! I have been admiring your amazing tank pics. Would you be willing to sell me some macroalgae?
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    Bulk fish purchase

    I tried this and the dominant one paired up with the existing female, killed off the rest :(
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    Anemone mouth bulged n anemone not opening

    Have you corrected the salinity yet? The anemone is probably in shock.
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    Trying to pair maroon clowns

    Hi all, I've had this beautiful lightning maroon for a bit over a month now and finally gave up on trying to find a lightning maroon male for her. Found a tiny misbar maroon clown and carefully introduced him to her tank. She is tolerating him, but not letting him anywhere near her anemones...
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    once you have a sump---create your own live rock

    What do you mean by "conditioned limestone"? I see a lot of stores selling fake live rock with fake purple coralline algae on it, but I don't want any of that. Where is a good source for this limestone you mention? Thanks!
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    Tanks, equipment, corals for sale

    Hi, How much do you want for the carpet anemone? And will you ship? Thanks! :)
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    3 percs in 20 gallon

    Here is my 2 cents :). You have three, so either all 3 are still male, or probably one is a female and two are male. If you take one out, you will either have 2 males left or one male one female. If the latter, you are set. If the former, one of the males will become a female soon enough...
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    my sebae

    What a bummer. This reminds me of an H. Malu that I "killed". Unlike you, I started out with a perfectly healthy one, and thanks to my neglect of the whole reef tank, it died. At least you did everything you could to save yours... Maybe you can get a hold of a "used" one locally and then...
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    saddle back ?

    I would bet anything your clown is a female. Get another tiny saddleback and it will be a male :)
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    Purple carpet!

    Doni, please PM me your address. And a good time to come steal your anemone :D. The drive to NC will be mighty long, but I think it's worth it! Fabulous find BTW, and a great price. I am sure I won't be the first person to say "if you ever want to sell it, let me know". Nice clowns too.
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    atlantic anemone

    I agree. Atlantic carpets eat everything that gets near them, INCLUDING CLOWN FISH!
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    Gigantea, Haddoni and Mertensii.

    Hey Luis, Is that 'nem yours? I could swear that's an atlantic carpet anemone, but if it was, the clown fish would be its dinner... Obviously the clown is alive, so go figure... Maybe Mertensii? Julia
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    anyone have photos of

    I am not sure what you mean... My black saddle clowns often get inside their anemone's mouth, but that's on purpose and it doesn't eat them... Is that what you mean? If so, I'll get you a picture...
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    id anenome

    Hey, you might want to fix your pics... they are not coming up.