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  • Hi aquaskilz,

    So sorry for the super late reply!!!!!! I wasn't getting my notifications on messages and totally missed your reply. I feel horrible!!!!!!! Did you get things sorted out?
    Hey Mr Reeftivo! Thnks 4 respnding. I wld like to do a mix reef (keeping n mind the stinging factor)- already strted with a cheap anemone a frag. I have a sump. its an old model that comes with a built in protein skimmer but i took it out and hung my Remora S on the back. The sump is horrible! the water only over flows in one corner of the drip plate and doesn't wet all the bio balls. I took the
    output end of my Fluval 405 and hung it over the opposite end of the drip plate so I can get the other bio balls wet but that's not sufficient. The Sump is too long for underneath my tank so its sticking out the back end of my stand-smh. I saw your set up and thought it was great! I think I have a width of about 20in of space under my tank and was wondering if you can help me out on how to get a set up like yours. My budget is about $400 or less but if I have to spend more then I guess I would have too. i notice you have a refugium as well :)...Please Help!
    Hi aquaskilz,

    A few questions;
    What do you keep our plan to keep? Sps, mixed reef, soft corals or fowlr(fish only w/live rock)?
    Do you have a sump or plan to get one?
    What kind of budget would you be working with?
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