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  • I'll try to send the picture again when I get on the computer again, using my phone right now. It's definitely brighter than the other frogspawn I have.

    Regarding the lionfish, when I moved him to my DT he hid behind the rocks for a few days, maybe a week, behind my rocks and came out eventually and would rest on the top of my rockwork. I tried shrimp before silversides and he never seemed to be interested, then I tried the silversides and he started taking them. I did notice that he showed more interest in smaller pieces than the bigger pieces. If you have really long tongs or something, I would hold the silverside by the tail and wiggle them in front of him. He was pretty shy when I first got but hopefully when he gets comfortable you can switch him onto the shrimp mix diet.
    Hey how's everything going with the little lion? Come up with any names yet? The frogspawn is doing pretty good. I found a nice little spot for it that it seems to enjoy.
    No I dont know when the next one is but Im sure they will post it up here when its near. So far the carpet only ate my scooter blenny..... poor little scooter he scooted over the wrong place! I wont be buying any bottom dwelling fish for awhile ; )
    Well thats cool to hear all is good. I'm glad that your the one that ended up with it. Do you know when the next frag meet is?
    Good thanks. That carpet is HUGE!! It takes up easily a a foot and 1/2 fully opened. I put in new halides over the weekend and it is happy as can be! He hasnt moved from the spot I wanted it to be in either : )
    Hi! All is well and yes I did go to the frag swap. I left with some birds nest and a type of monti that was really cool. I went out and bought me a little led flashlight so next time I can look cool like everyone else. The anemone finally ate a big shrimp the other day. I evicted the big blue hippo that was annoying everything. Now all my corals are happy and eating and my Mc cosker flasher wrasse is tring to be the bully! Silly fish! lol...have a great weekend!
    Dinner and a massage sound great!! I've been looking at a t-5 set up made by Aquatic Life. Since I need new bulbs maybe a whole new fixture would be better...just a few hundred more...LOL...but the summer power bill for one month could almost buy this unit! Lots to consider.... They say T-5's dont shimmer???
    Last year I asked for my 90g per day Spectrapure RODI system! lol... I usually ask for jewlery! I like the shiny things lol... For Valentines day I asked for a fish. Not sure what I want this year...maybe new bulbs.... I need 3 175w halides...and maybe 2 VHO's...
    I had a cluster of little red spots on my wrist this morning. Looks like each bubble that was stuck to my skin must have stung me. I am so glad I'm not allergic or something. The color has deepened already and I bet it is at least 10 inches in diameter. That is about the anemone.. lol... I fed it this morning and it seems very happy. I am happy to! Cant believe this made it to Pet CO! I wonder if it will change color to blue or red but it seems to be darker purple tonight. I also came across someone who had been calling you all day on it too! They saw my post lol... small world. Have a good one!
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