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    Are LEDs really good until they quit working?

    LEDs life is rated by the industry as the time it takes them to reach 50% brightness. It is its halflife of sorts, as in twice their life, it should be 25% brightness, and so on. At what point the lights would be inadequate for your needs depends on your lighting requirements/oversupply...
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    Anyone happen to know the proper ID tube for poseidon OZone generator?

    Ill go with 1/4", BRS doesnt have a 5/16th, but Im sure I could jam some 1/4 onto it if it were that size.
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    Anyone happen to know the proper ID tube for poseidon OZone generator?

    as the title says... I cant seem to find this anywhere.
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    Cleaning Salt Creep

    if you can remove the gaurd, use water to dissolve the salt first, then hit it with vinegar to get the stubborn calcium etching. if you want to give it a quick wipe while its in place, water is it.
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    Mesh Mod advice-----

    I got the enkemat from ebay, very cheap, like 5$ shipped. cant complain. however 6 months later power went out and apparently there was enough scraping, rubbing, damage that they took that opportunity to seize up. it was a 700$ mistake on 2 euroreef needlewheels that IMO I wont risk again. I...
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    Euroreef rs180 replacment pump

    I would call/email euroreef, they may even give you a better price on the replacement pump as there is some level of a warrenty on it. euroreef now uses eheim pumps for the most part, I upgrade my sedras on mine, to the tune of about 330$ each, but they are real quiet and very effective. give...
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    t-5 lighting question

    staggering is fine, your mostly concerned with the output change, bulbs loose intensity over time, thats why we change them, you swap them all, more light, could possibly shock corals. IMO its a bit overstated and I doubt it would be a big enough change to severly effect anything, but thats for...
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    t-5 lighting question

    eh? I did not know this, I thought icecaps could overdrive T5 bulbs in standard configuration, they run VHO bulbs that are more than twice the voltage in the standard configuration, why wouldnt T5s be overdriven then without doubling up on wires(sounds dangerous)?
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    anyone using magnetic ballasts anymore?

    I run M80 bluewave 7s, used to run phoenix then I longed for something with more pop. Ive tried it all, first adding 800watts of VHO actinic, corals looked a little better, but the overall color was still too white for my enjoyment. so then I tried adding 20k bulbs, tried helio(failures), xm...
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    The T5 Q&a Thread

    I am going to try taking the leap to T5 to benefit my LPS which are not enjoyment my MH. just a lighting experiment for me right now. itll be a retro on icecap 660 with icecap reflectors, 8 48" bulbs all side by side. what bulbs? I run 20k mh with VHO actinic right now, and I want atleast...
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    my acrylic tank bows, will a might mag work?

    Ive had it for a year, but bought it used from someone else that had it for many years. so it seems sturdy enough... its from a brand who starts with a T who you cant type on this site.
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    my acrylic tank bows, will a might mag work?

    oh it is DEFINITELY bowed, I can visibly see it when I stand on the end and look down the way. its an 8' run, using 3/8", it isnt enough. but I did kind of figure that it was flat enough on a 6" square as someone else mentioned... but maybe not. Id hate to spend 200$ on a mighty mag to find...
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    Ebay LED Panel

    80bucks to keep mushrooms in a 10g tank seems like alot of dough, and still left needing to make them waterproof. theyd probably work as far as output, but so would a 10$ double 24" flourescent from home depot...
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    my acrylic tank bows, will a might mag work?

    hmmm. well lol, no. but not in the same way that it doesnt clean the front hah. it might just suck in general though . it doesnt make 2 lines like it does on the front. just doesnt do much of anything.
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    my acrylic tank bows, will a might mag work?

    not sure at all. cant really test that :/ that I know of anyway.