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    CO2 refill in Fort Lauderdale?

    Hi Guys, I setup a couple of planted tanks and have refilled my CO2 tank a couple of times, but not sure if I have found the best place to refill CO2 here in Fort Lauderdale. Does anyone have recommendations? Thanks in advance.
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    All reefers in NC & SC

    Hi everyone, My tank is planned to be delivered in the next couple of weeks, I am looking for someone local who builds acrylic sumps. Any recommendations?
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    New Skimmer - Orca 200, G4 or other?

    I am currently in the process of building my new setup. Interested in hearing recommendations for a skimmer, right now I have the Orca 200 and G4 (modified for recirc) as options. Budget is around $800. The system will be 180G tank, 300G total volume, medium stocked. Thanks!
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    All reefers in NC & SC

    Hi everyone, I started a meetup group for anyone in the Triangle interested in get-togethers, trips to LFSs and other fun activities. I'm in Wake Forest so anyone nearby feel free to give me a shout! :) Armando
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    SD800, SD870, SD850, SD950 or ExlimEX-V8???

    I want to get a camera that i can carry with me when i don't feel like carrying my bulky SLR. I'll be talking pictures and some movies as well. I've been doing a lot of research and narrowed down to the Canon SD800, SD870, SD850, SD950 and Exlim EX-V8. I want a camera with image...
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    All reefers in NC & SC

    Thank you every one for the warm welcome. I'm getting quotes (pricing and availability) for building my custom setup from different sources. As much as I enjoyed building my previous systems, this one I'd like to hire someone to do it for me. I'm checking with Aquatic Concepts, FishWorld...
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    All reefers in NC & SC

    Hi Everyone, I was directed to this thread, just thought I'd say HI. I moved to the Triangle last year from Boston and although I have been out of the hobby in the last year I miss having a large(r) fish club with an online forum and monthly meetings. I subscribe to the RARE mailing list but...
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    Pictures of in-wall viewable 2 sides?

    I want to make my next new in-wall tank viewable from two sides, but not sure if it'll look good. Does anyone have pictures of something similar to help me decide?
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    BRS forum down?

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    Tank cost estimates?

    I have all the equipment to setup my new tank, all I need now is the tank itself. How much should I expect to pay on a tank approx 8' long x 3' wide x 2' tall, starphire, euro-braced?
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    Breeding chromis?

    I have been getting ready for the past 4 months, and I'm still not ready! :) I haven't tried raising Chromis. Have you tried separating the S and L's by subsequent filtering using different sized sieves? I have several sizes I could lend you but unfortunately they are all in storage right...
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    Breeding chromis?

    WHAZZUP Jamison :D Are you feeding S type rotifers?
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    BRS forum down?

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    BRS forum down?

    dammint. i can't get no sleep :(