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    Picture of the Month?

    ... now that I think about it there should probably be 2 contests, one for BC (the artist formerly known as BG) and one for the rest of RC ... :worried: I'll try to remember to 'bug ya in a month or so. :wave:
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    Picture of the Month?

    Any thoughts on possibly reviving the concept. I think the original thread only lasted 2 months, but there appeared to be a number of eager participants submitting images. Don't mean to step on any toes, but it seemed like such a good idea. Even if a calendar isn't produced cudos could be given...
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    A warning to those in the NYC/LI area

    Caveat emptor
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    Picture of the Month?

    I recall that contest, I'm not sure that it ever got off the ground. I remember entering a couple of images. I've been away for a couple of years and I don't know what happened to the concept of a photo contest and the resultant calendar. Anyone know? :wave:
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    It Begins Again

    Love to see you put together a time lapse animation on that bloom.
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    Some pictures from my recent article

    Stunning images, great color balance and wonderful composition.
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    Picture of the Month?

    Pictures for a contest here should most certainly be marine in nature I should think.
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    What can I do to fix these pics?

    I replied to your other thread on the same topic, showing you how to use your existing software to adjust your white balance
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    Picture of the Month?

    Personally I think RC should do what MASNA used to do and have a photo contest, judged monthly or annually, make a calendar out of the winners and sell them. Images should be judged by peers here on RC. I would think there to be enough sponsors out there to manage a limited run on the first...
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    New Macro lens.

    I am a fan of Image Stabilization, however due to the nature of a macro lens and its intended 1:1 use, with DoF being less than half an inch you will most certainly be using a tripod making IS a moot point. Unless you plan on doing hand held macro work I'd save the couple hundred bucks. Course...
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    large images - Tank 2 years under LED images - Mostly tangs

    Mine seem attracted to my strobes, though I do worry from time to time about temporary blindness and wandering into the carpet anemone.
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    Canon/Nikon DSLR Users

    This is an oldie but a goodie and it seems to fit in with the current theme ... imaged with a Nikkor 105mm micro and an off camera SB-800
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    Visited The Conservitory The Other Day

    Nice work there Jesse :)
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    large images - Tank 2 years under LED images - Mostly tangs

    Nice images, well done James :)
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    Can someone help me with my Cannon D20?

    Are you shooting in a RAW format? If not you should be, you can set your camera to shoot a RAW and JPG every time you press the shutter button. The JPG is fine for viewing the basic composition and general overall exposure of the image, but it's the RAW image that will give you greater...