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    Clownfish Pair ID?

    Picked up this Clownfish pair tonight and would love to hear opinions on what they are? Not even sure if they are Percula or Ocellaris. Was thinking maybe Black Photons but would love to here what you guys think? Thank you very much!
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    Can you ID this for me?

    Those are pretty standard Acanthastrea colors and eyes Here is a shot of a similar coral.
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    6 foot rimless shallow reef build

    looks real nice!
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    Id coral please

    Difficult to tell at this stage. Accuraterly identifying corals is always a crap shoot once you get past the standard spiecies. Your frag appears to have some possible thick branches in the center of where it is encrusting but the spots where it is beginning to branch out looks like a...
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    Echo's 130 cube build

    Love it! Great looking tank / setup!!
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    What do YOU feed your anemones?

    Green BTA Silversides that have been soaked in Zoe (2) - 400W metal halide 120g mixed (SPS, LPS, Soft) reef tank
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    Something's wrong with my bta.

    Has it been eating up until this point? Good coloration? Been increasing in size?
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    New BTA. Is he healthy?

    Per your trying to get the clowns to host, I have had some success in the past by temporarly turning off flow in the area the anemone is located and target feeding my clowns directly above the anemone so that the food is falling toward the anemone. I know it sounds silly but while trying to get...
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    New BTA. Is he healthy?

    Congrats! It is always a good feeling when they take food!
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    New BTA. Is he healthy?

    The bubble tips will appear and re-appear off and on. Here is a pictures of a RBTA that I had previously Some days it had bubbles some days it didn't.
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    New BTA. Is he healthy?

    The fact that he still is attached and has color is a good sign. You definitly want him to eat. I would still try something a little bigger. I have always had luck with silversides. I used to hold the silverside in a pair of long tweezers near the mouth so it couldn't float away. You never...
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    New BTA. Is he healthy?

    Try feeding something a little bigger like a silverside. Put flake on the opposite side of the tank so the fish are pre-occupied then lay the silverside in the tenticles near the mouth. I use a long handled scraper to chase fish away until the anemone can start to pull in food. You may have...
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    New BTA. Is he healthy?

    A couple of quick questions. What color was the foot on the anemone? Also is it eating (silversides, mysis, flake, etc..) and staying attached to the rock? Was it sticky? If so, those are good signs. I usually soak my silversides in zoe when I get a new anemone then place small pieces near...
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    So why are fish from the Red Sea Prettier/More vibrant than from elsewhere?

    That would be Moses that parted the Red Sea. Maybe they are still just sunburned from that event?
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    You have got to be kidding me!!!!

    Maybe he is just taking one for the team! The other three will probably be swooping in at any minute!:)