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    Worth repairing NAC 9 for sale?

    The impeller broke and fused to the inside of the pump. I took it to my local shop and they couldn't get the thing to work or come apart. I have no use for the skimmer myself seeing as I don't even have a tank at the moment and I'm living in apartments now. I was hoping to sell some of my gear...
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    Worth repairing NAC 9 for sale?

    That very upgraded pump kit is the one I was talking about using to repair the skimmer for sale. I just don't know if it is worth spending the money or if I should sell the skimmer as is hoping someone will want to order the parts to get it working.
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    Worth repairing NAC 9 for sale?

    I have a NAC I picked up 3 years ago when I had a 150 gal reef setup. I had to take my tank apart and step out of the hobby a short while ago and left most of my equipment in my garage. I'm planning to sell my gear but the atman pump in my skimmer seems to have kicked the bucket during it's time...
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    DIY Stands Template and Calculator

    Hello all I'm a college student that just found out I have to move by sat. I have a 150 gal tank with a crap pine wood stand that has been the bane of my existence. I was wondering If anyone could link me to a design I could use to build a new stand tomorrow. All I have are a hammer, electric...
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    Need a new stand and sump

    I would love to build them myself. A life time of helping my father with projects around the house has helped me have a good grasp of things but I lack the tools. As for my tank the dimensions are 72x18x28.
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    Need a new stand and sump

    I picked up a 150 gallon tank about a year ago at a good price. The problems I have had with the tank have mostly been do to the crap pine wood stand and bioball filter it came with. Seeing as I was a bit light on cash I simply modded the bioball and turned it in to a sump. This caused simple...
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    Found caulerpa in sump

    I picked chaeto at the store and I found a few broken bits of green grape caulerpa in it. Looking closer I noticed that a very small part that has turned very pale almost white. Does this mean it has gone sexual and if so what should I do? should I just drain my sump?
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    Green mandarin question

    I picked up a green mandarin at my lfs about 4 days ago, after putting him in my tank he seemed fine for the first day but I noticed one of my diamond back gobies nipping at him on the second day. Since this happened he has spent all of his time in one corner of my tank up against a rock not...
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    Reef Cleaners

    That is what I was thinking, I hear they give allot of extra in the packages.
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    Reef Cleaners

    I'm thinking of putting in an order with Reef Cleaners I have a 150 gal tank and wanted to know if I really need to order the 150 gal pack from them?
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    PLEASE check out your intended fish purchases here first!

    I have a 150 gallon just set up with a nac9 skimmer and 150-160 pounds of live rock that I'm aquascaping today. I'm going to be letting my tank cycle for another few weeks. I want to know if I will have any problems with having a dragonet or two(mated pare), flame angle, clown fish, sexy shrimp...
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    rock work

    I would make plenty of caves and small nooks for fish and shrimp to move through. I would also try to make sure you don't create any dead spots with no water movement so try to take in to consideration where your power heads will be. As for inspiration try this...
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    DIY Reef Controller

    Now I'm inspired to make my own controller :}
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    any LED DIY guides for idiots out there?

    This is just the info I was looking for :P